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Michele was able to guide me when I was at a crossroads in my business. Her advise was invaluable in helping me launch my first product with a bang, bringing in 3 times my projected outcome. She was easy to speak to and really gave me the confidence to move forward in my business.

- Kristen Tammaro, Holistic Practice Marketing Mentor

The Choices You Make Today Will Affect Your Tomorrow (Podcast #015)

Your Choices

This past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my results. In particular, I wanted to hone in on what has worked for me and what hasn’t. I like to do this every so often to evaluate if I am on track or not with my goals.

I understand that the choices I make today will affect my future.  Put it another way, the results I see today are simply a reflection of choices I’ve made in the past. So if I’m not happy with my current results, then I need to begin to look at what have been my choices these past 3 months, 6 months, 2 years.

In this episode I share what is the process of beginning to change any results in your life right now that have not been working for you.

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One simple marketing tip that keeps on giving! (Podcast #014)

Marketing Tip

Today I wanted to share ONE marketing tip that I believe if you do it consistently on a daily basis will produce high returns for you in your business AND life. And I don’t simply mean returns in revenue – although that’s definitely a result. But also returns in an increased network of leads, customers, business associates, and advocates for your business.

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How to Get Out of The Funk (Podcast #012)

In the funkIn today’s episode I talk about something not often discussed, but happens all too often to many of us – especially entrepreneurs; and that is how to get out of the funk.

You know the funk right? When it seems as if everything and anything that go wrong does. When you’re feeling down and unfocused and you’re not sure why. When everything seems to agitate you and it takes every effort on your part to break into a smile.

There are many reasons why this can happen. However, there’s one thing for sure – feeling the funk is an inside job. And with that knowledge you have the control and choice to either stay in it or not.

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Super Powerful Way to Create Goals (Podcast #011a)

Michael Jordan Quote

The end of 2014 is nearly upon us. What a perfect time to talk about goals! Traditionally when I spoke about goals, I shared the process of creating goals using the SMART criteria.

SMART goals are simply goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic (or I prefer results-driven)
  • Timely

But in this episode I share with you a very powerful and creative way to create a few select goals moving into 2015.

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If You Can Name It, You Can Claim It [Podcast #011]


Clarity in Business

In this episode I discuss the importance of clarity … if you can name it, you can claim it! I share what it really means to be confused and some practices I have used to continue to fine-tune my clarity muscles.

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4 Things You MUST Do to Grow Your Business [Podcast #010]

Client Acquisition

In this episode I discuss the four things you must do in business – specifically in the area of client acquisition. These four steps are essential to getting leads in, converting them into clients and putting a system in place to continue to stay in touch with those leads and clients.

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The Impact of Trying versus Doing [Podcast #009]

Gestation Period in Business

In this episode I go deep into the difference between trying to do something versus doing something. Although it may seem like semantics, there’s a big difference – in the conviction of your words and how you act in the world. I also get into the impact of how trying to do something versus simple doing it, or BEING the change, can have on your life and business.

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Are you a victim of the DVR Syndrome? [Podcast #008]

DVR Syndrome

In this episode I talk about how many of us are living our life with a DVR mentality. That is, we think we have a ‘pause’ or ‘rewind’ button on life. I share with you today my belief about this mental view and the impact that it can have by continuing to operate in this way.

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Do what you can when you can [Podcast #007]

Consistency in business

In this episode I talk about doing what you can when you can. This is different from the idea of simply being satisfied with “good enough.” I do believe you should always put your best effort forward in all that you do – and then let it go.

Unfortunately many people fall into one of two extreme categories:

  • They do just enough to get by – never striving to be remarkable
  • They let their need to be remarkable (and need for perfection) stop them from taking action and pulling the trigger

I think if you can can take a piece of content and after truthfully evaluating it, decide that it is possible someone will be a different person – even in some small way – after having consumed that content, then you’ve done your job.

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The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business [exercise included]

Best Marketing Strategy

You’re probably reading this because you are looking for that one quick fix that’s going to take your marketing from static to sensational.

Sensational marketing.  Now that would be something.

I’m here to burst your bubble unfortunately.  There isn’t one quick fix.

However, I wouldn’t bring you here if I didn’t have something of value to share, would I?

I spent a big chunk of my marketing career doing. Doing. Doing. Doing!

Initially I was doing it all thinking that was the answer.  Eventually I came to realize that sometimes less is more … such was the case when it came to marketing.

As I was marketing my business and those of my clients, I began to realize that sometimes those strategies where producing substandard results.

Sometimes switching strategies worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

For the longest time I couldn’t quite figure out the best marketing strategy “formula”. I streamlined. I immersed. Why were some strategies simply not working or not working as well as I would like?

I got my first aha! moment when I watched a recent keynote speech by author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.

In his speech, he talked about marketing in the world that we live in.  He stated that getting romantic about your marketing is the easiest way to go out of business.

Just because one method of marketing has worked for you for years, does not mean it will still work for you today.

You have to apply marketing initiatives that your target audience likes and consumes, not necessarily what feels comfortable to you.

You may be thinking, well shouldn’t I use strategies and tactics that I resonate with and understand?

Yes and no.

If you can incorporate those marketing tactics and tools that you enjoy and understand, that would be the ideal situation of course. You’ll most likely stick with it if that is the case.

However if 80% of your target audience uses Vine or Instagram, and you’re not on that platform,  you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. Ultimately this may cost you your business.

Here’s a simple solution.  If you really can’t wrap your head around using a specific tool or platform, hire someone who can.

If it’s a viable platform or tool, the investment for acquiring leads and clients will outweigh the cost of outsourcing this initiative.

My second breakthrough was even more powerful and profound.  It is something I’ve heard before and understood intellectually, but it never truly registered at my core.

It was simply this:

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