3 Productivity tools that will cut your time in half!

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I think we can all agree that time has become one of our biggest assets. In a time where technology appears to have given us more time, we actually seem to have less of it. The irony! It’s more important than ever to be cognizant of how we use our time. This involves some thought and using the right tools that work for us.

With constant work and family obligations, every minute saved is a minute I treasure. I’m always on the lookout for tools that will allow me to be most productive. Being productive means more time with my family, guilt-free! Win, win!

My Top 3 Productivity Tools


What can I say about OneTab, other than it rocks! Here were the issues I was having. First, my bookmark’d tabs where getting out of control. I found that there was a lot more to read than I had time for. The result was a growing list of bookmark’d tabs that I never seemed to get back to.

My second challenge is my uncanny ability to have an excessive amount of tabs opened at the same time. One page opened very easily turns into ten. This was causing overwhelm of epic proportions, to say the least.

With OneTab, I can go back to those pages at any time. From the OneTab page, I can also delete and share links, among other features. In turn, this diminishes the distraction with having multiple tabs open. But I can rest assured that those tabs will be accessible when I do have the time to get to them.



You may be wondering why E.ggtimer is time saver. Well it goes back to the say that what you focus on grows. If you track what you’re doing, you begin to see movement in that area. For example, let’s say you’ve given yourself 45 minutes to create a blog post. After timing yourself several times, you realize that it only takes you 35 minutes. You can now choose to allocate that extra 10 minutes to another activity. This is going to help you plan your day better.

Timing your work has other benefits as well. You are more likely to complete things on time if you time yourself. Ever heard of the Pomodoro effect? Google it! It will surprise you how much you can get done when you’re on a time budget.



Unroll.me is by far one of my favorite productivity tools thus far! I don’t know how I’ve survived this long without it. I just wish I had discovered it sooner. But all good things come to those who wait.

I have a confession to make. I am an avid reader and learner. I want to read everything I get my hand on. It’s a bit sick really. It’s fair to say I am subscribed to more newsletters than I can humanly manage to read!

What Unroll.me does is takes all email subscriptions and ‘rolls them up’ into one neat summary email. Where I used to get anywhere from 30-75 subscription emails a day, I now get one. Life is good!

… And your life will be good time if you decide to use Unroll.me!


Is there still room for me to be more productive? You bet ya! Improvement is a never-ending process. I have no doubt there are more geniuses out there working to create new technologies to help others be more productive. What I have to say to that is, bring it on!

What about you? What tools do you use to be most productive?


  1. Hi Michele,

    OneTab, Unroll.me, and e.ggtimer.com – they are all new to me and right now I am loving them all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece. I’m looking forward for more tips on your site. Keep it up.

    Louie Sison


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