7 Tips on How to Deal With Stress in Your Business [Podcast #001]

Stress can have a huge impact not just in your life in general but also on your business. Some levels of stress is fine, but when stress begins to reach epic proportions and begin to spill over to many areas of your life, then you know you have yet another problem of your hands.

The long-term side effects of chronic stress can lead to debilitating issues such as decreased immune system, muscle aches, moodiness, chronic disease, and many other symptoms as noted by WebMd.

Not pretty …

But the good thing is not all hope is lost. There are some simple strategies you can implement that will help you to deal with and relieve much of the stress that comes up when you’re running a business – all which I go into more detail in my first podcast.

Take it from my experience, if you don’t deal with stress it will catch up with you … And it all starts with you! How you are BEING in your business and operating it day in and day out is going to determine whether or not you are going to allow stress to run you or if you are going to be proactive in its prevention.

Living in an reactionary state as oppose to a proactive state is mentally and physically exhausting and stressful! So chose to make a change. But part of the process is getting at the root of the stress. We think it’s some outside source when really what’s going on is what’s happening inside – your internal conversation – and who you are Being.

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Here’s the low down on how to deal with stress in your business:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Schedule your action plan into a calendar
  3. Take breaks
  4. Write in a journal
  5. Get support
  6. Talk to yourself
  7. Reframe your problem

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So how do you deal with the stresses that come up with running a business. Feel free to share below!

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