Hello and welcome! My name is Michele Welch.

I work with entrepreneurs on to how to embrace, package, and promote their “genius” and integrate marketing and personal growth concepts to create a profitable business and inspired life!

Do you often struggle with your marketing? I often hear one or more of the following complaints from entrepreneurs:

  • They don’t know how to do it
  • They don’t do it often enough or don’t have the time
  • They feel uncomfortable and/or overwhelmed with the process
  • They don’t know how to budget for marketing
  • They sometimes feel fear or anxiety when it comes to marketing their business

I help address the fears, anxiety, and overwhelm about marketing and share simple, streamlined strategies that help build confidence so that you can create a plan that works for you and YOUR business … and it all starts with embracing your natural gifts, talents and skill sets.

It’s in embracing your unique talents, skills, gifts, and passions that you not only embrace life to its fullest but you have the privilege of using your unique abilities to make a difference in your life and that of others – and enjoy the journey throughout the process!

As well, I understand that you can be our own worst enemy. And more often than not, when you’re stuck and not moving forward in some area of your life, it’s self-generated. There’s often an emotional block happening inside that’s dictating how you are BEING and acting in the world, stunting your growth in the process.

But let us not forget that with getting past your blocks you still have to educate yourself on effective and efficient ways to work your business. All the clarity in the world won’t make a bit a difference if you are working from a place of inefficiency, chaos, and disorganization.

Two of MY unique abilities is help guide you through the introspection process so you can express you truth and to share effective and streamlined business and online strategies so you can run your business like a well oiled machine.

My Mission

To help people get past these inner blocks through introspection, hard work, and compassionate courage so they can step into the person she or he was meant to be … Free to act in the face of fear, stand bold, and be fully self-expressed!

What is “The Edge Code”?

The Edge Code are those principles and core values I have integrated in my life and business and that I share with those I work with. It is the code I live by that is constantly striving to grow by doing those things that not only stand me apart from others but also doing those small incremental, yet significant, things that give my life and business an advantage. It’s also about often times being willing to push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone to reach new levels of success – personally and professionally.

The Edge Code’s Core Values:

  • To take FULL responsibility for all those things working and/or not working in your life
  • To listen to others with compassion and value and celebrate their differences
  • To live a life of BEING first, and DOING second
  • To be in integrity and do what you say and when you’re going to do it
  • To embrace an attitude of Gratitude no matter what circumstances present themselves
  • To always strive to add quality service over quantity
  • To keep it simple, focus, and always go deep
  • To value your true worth and Embrace Your Genius!

In order to best share how I came to be a Business and Personal Growth Catalyst and Online Marketing Maven, it’s probably best if I share with you some defining moments in my life that has led me to where I am today.

I’ve always had the entrepreneur spirit and dabbled in some “real world” business ventures, but I didn’t get my feet fully wet until I started my first online store, Thrift 4 Kids, in 2009. Well, no one ever warned me what I would be getting myself into. Opening an online store is just as taxing and stressful as opening a brick and mortar store. But I was determined to make it work.

With two small kids at home that I really wanted to be available to whenever I wanted and my desire in having a home-based business, going back to corporate America was not an option for me anymore! However, anyone who desires living the “American Dream” of owning a home, car, having kids and oh yes, the cat, knows that it takes money…a LOT of it. So I knew I had a challenge ahead of me, but I figured if others can do it, why can’t I?!

So I worked day in and day out, learning everything on my own along the way; from creating websites, search engine optimization, to offline and online marketing methods. Within six months my online store was on the first page of Google and I was beginning to get the traffic (and sales) I had hoped.

Here lies the problem. I was miserable. I had traded in one rat race for another. I was working 8, 12, 14 hours days, spending little time with my kids and not enjoying my life.


my_babiesThen I founded NewBizBlogger & Package Your Genius and fell into the world of blogging and online marketing.

When I said fell, what I mean is, I didn’t start my journey with the intention of blogging and training online strategies to other entrepreneurs. But I soon realized the benefits of sharing my experiences and knowledge on starting and running a business online and how market it using up-to-date, effective strategies.

I began helping other entrepreneurs and business owners transition their business online, optimize it and gain more leverage by learning efficient and effective online marketing tactics. It was a complete joy for me and I had soon found my life’s passion; and with 15 years in Corporate Training and Business Management behind me, making the transition seemed like a no-brainer.

I soon closed up shop and began pursuing my new life’s purpose vigorously.

After a couple of years of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners something became apparently clear to me. The challenges they were experiencing weren’t necessarily always they type of business they had or even some of the strategies they were implementing, but rather what was happening INSIDE preventing them from taking consistent action, stepping out of their comfort zone, and playing full out in their business! It became apparently clear that when people got stuck and were not getting the results they wanted in their life and business, it was because some internal conversation was driving the show.

…It’s an INSIDE  job. 

Rat race!The transition over the years from solely coaching and training in the area of online marketing to now incorporating self-development and personal growth has been a challenge for sure. Any time change occurs it can cause anxiety and self-doubt. But as I continued to unfold more layers and uncover my truth, I could no longer deny what was at the core — a deep desire to be a catalyst for others to live a life & business by their own design; one based on their own passions and skill sets that excites them when they get up in the morning and dream about at night.

Sometimes you have to by-pass your head to follow your heart. My mission was still the same, my focus on how I approached it had changed.

My biggest challenges thus far …

My biggest challenge that I had to overcome in my business is one of clarity and focus and getting to my core truth! When you are first starting out in your business, often times you are doing EVERYTHING in the hopes in that something will *stick*. You implement everything, you try to learn everything and the end result is a whole lot of nothing.

Transformation began when I realized that I had to dig deep down into the core of my Being and get clear on my true hearts desires’, my message, and my commitment. Once I got clear on what that was and how to do it, things began to shift substantially for me in my business.

Because of this valuable lesson learned, my top priorities when working with clients is helping them getting past whatever blocks they were experiencing so they could live the life they always dreamed of – free of fear, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage!

Once they get a good grip on what they are passionate about, their message, who they want to serve and how to effectively implement, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish with hard (and smart) work, consistent actions, and perseverance.

Who are my peeps?

As I stated earlier, I work mainly with coaches, consultants, trainers, online marketers & entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do but have not been taught how to maximize their efforts with running a business online or creating information products to leverage their knowledge and skills. They also tend to lack direction on how to get more clients/customers and how to put systems in place to effectively run their business.

I work with people who take a no-excuses approach, are eager to learn and willing do what it takes to get the job done. If you are a go-getter, results-driven type of person willing to give 110%, I want to work with you!

If you make excuses, don’t follow-through on your promises, are looking for a cookie cutter system or a quick fix, I probably won’t be the right fit for you.

My Mojo

hand in handIn one sense I don’t plan to be a cheer leader, although I absolutely do offer encouragement and champion you. However, what I do is “hold your hand” every step of the way in and support you in having a successful business. This way when we part ways you are able to take over the reigns and run your business in a powerful and impactful way. I also am very good at helping reel clients in and getting them focused back on the big picture and off the ‘bright shiny objects’.

As an entrepreneur I can understand our need to create … Entrepreneurs love to create! Where we lack focus is in following things through completion and in a direct, intentional manner. That’s where I come in. It’s not always pretty, but always done with love. ;-)

Also, my concentration is in working with heart-centered, service and information-based entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why? These are people who often do everything themselves and are able to get results very quickly. This is largely due to the fact that they are able to make quick business decisions without having to go through all the red tape associated with mid- and large corporations and businesses.

What you can expect if we play together …

My clients have seen positive results in their life and business within three months. However, that being said, it all depends on you! I can only do so much. I can show you the ropes, but at the end of the day if you’re not willing to change and don’t implement, you will not get the results you would like.

But I do promise you one thing. If you apply the strategies I show you diligently and consistently and are open to new ways of thinking, you will see positive results in your business and in your life;  bottom line: more fulfillment,  more leads and more sales!

My question to you is, how bad do you want it?

Here are some of the results you can expect to see:

  • Get into some soul-searching so you can find YOUR truth
  • Explore your internal blocks that are keep you stuck and feeling overwhelmed
  • Honing in our what your skills, talents, and passions are and how to profit from them
  • Get crystal clear on your target market and how to get in front of them
  • How to optimize your website for leads AND search engines
  • How to use social media effectively and inexpensively
  • Selecting the social media tools that work best for YOUR business
  • How to promote your business online on a budget
  • How to use email marketing to market to leads over and over
  • Blogging basics and best practices
  • Create a well thought-out strategic plan on how to market your business to get more clients/customers
  • Hone in on your brand and what makes you unique
  • Create information products that speak to your target market
  • How to incorporate multiple income streams in your business
  • Educating your prospects that will make your marketing super easy
  • Get your team on board with your marketing message
  • Find out where your are most prolific in order to get your message across
  • Create powerful strategic alliances
  • Put automated systems in place so you can concentrate of the things that really matter – like getting more clients/customers!

Please feel free to visit my Services page to see how I can best serve you.

My purpose in life is to help you make your dreams come true. I truly hope you allow me that privilege.

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Michele was able to guide me when I was at a crossroads in my business. Her advise was invaluable in helping me launch my first product with a bang, bringing in 3 times my projected outcome. She was easy to speak to and really gave me the confidence to move forward in my business.

- Kristen Tammaro, Holistic Practice Marketing Mentor

P.S. Here is a video I create a few years ago … When I was at the beginning of MY journey. The message still applies. ;-)