Bad Habits May Be Impairing Your Business


Today I want to write about something that I don’t think gets addressed often enough – how bad habits may be impairing your business (and life).

Often times when we’re struggling in our business it’s usually because of some untold truth or because we’ve taken on some “bad” habits. Quite often we are not even aware of these unproductive habits.

It can be as simple as not keeping on top of our numbers (Been there, done that!) or being inconsistent with our social media marketing (*cough*).

You know it’s very interesting. A lot people complain about social media …  ‘they are not seeing the results they expected.’ I often get the all-too-often asked question, “How do I measure the ROI of social media?”

When asked,  “How long have you’ve been consistent with the process of social media marketing?,” not surprisingly 80% of the time they respond with “A few weeks.”


Or they tell me that they post a few times a week but there’s really no rhyme or reason with their process and they are not consistent with it.

Just like with anything in life, it’s the long-term actions that create results … But you have to be consistent! You have to post regularly if you want to start seeing results. You also need to be strategic.

And if you’re not seeing results, then maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy or tactics. Each business is unique. Therefore what may work for one business, may not work for another.

The only way to get consistent with a process is by creating a habit out of it. Just like brushing your teeth, it becomes automatic. You do it without putting much thought into it.  In the beginning it’s going to take some effort for sure, but as you do it long enough it becomes almost effortless.

That’s what you want to do in ALL areas of your business in general – whether is direct marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc..  Replacing bad (unproductive) habits with good (productive) ones, will create a whole world of difference for you in your business.

This also means being truthful with yourself and evaluating your day-to-day actions. Let’s face it, if things are not going well in your business, there are some bad habits occurring on a regular basis.

For example, one of the challenges I was facing when I first started my business was lack of focus. I would also become easily distracted. I was following “bright shiny objects” so often that it was hard for me to complete things. One minute I had the intention of posting an update on Facebook and 30 minutes later I was still browsing through my Facebook feed – completely forgetting why I had gone on it in the first place!

Sound familiar??

Unfortunately this also resulted in the purchase of products and services I did not need and very often taking me further away from my overall goals with my business.

At the end of the day, I had very little to show for what I wanted to accomplish because I wasn’t focusing on my top priorities and business goals.

I had created a bona fide bad habit out of getting easily distracted causing me to stay stuck in a place of confusion and overwhelm. It became an automatic way of being for me. And it took a LOT of work for me to change this and start replacing it with more forward-producing and productive habits.

If case you’re wondering what I did to change this, here they are:

  1. I started working with timers first of all, timing every task.
  2. I kept a running priority list dead center in order to keep me on task.
  3. I also wrote down everything I did. By doing so, I was able to see after some time those things that kept pulling me away from what I was working on – for me, it was mostly email and social media. (Btw, you only have to do this until you identify your bad habits and time wasters.)
  4. Lastly, I began to slowly incorporate a few select new habits I wanted to take on. These were habits I knew without a doubt I could do daily without fail. In the process, I was training my brain that I could not only change, but that I could be successful.

YES! This can be a was very tedious and boring process – and it’s going to take some effort on your part to be very mindful of all that you do. But if your desire to change your bad habits (like mine were) is stronger the annoyance of what you have to do to make that change, then you will very happily overlook these small annoyances.

Plus, I’ve found that the more successful I was in integrating new habits into my life, the more motivated I was to keep it going and add more!

There are many books out there that teach you the importance of creating good habits, and how to do so. Two of my favorites thus far have been The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and Mini Habits by Stephen Guise. I highly recommend picking them up and getting to work!

Got it?


Now let’s work on changing those bad habits. List below those new and productive habits you will be working on moving forward.

Michele Welch


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