The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business [exercise included]

Best Marketing Strategy

You’re probably reading this because you are looking for that one quick fix that’s going to take your marketing from static to sensational.

Sensational marketing.  Now that would be something.

I’m here to burst your bubble unfortunately.  There isn’t one quick fix.

However, I wouldn’t bring you here if I didn’t have something of value to share, would I?

I spent a big chunk of my marketing career doing. Doing. Doing. Doing!

Initially I was doing it all thinking that was the answer.  Eventually I came to realize that sometimes less is more … such was the case when it came to marketing.

As I was marketing my business and those of my clients, I began to realize that sometimes those strategies where producing substandard results.

Sometimes switching strategies worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

For the longest time I couldn’t quite figure out the best marketing strategy “formula”. I streamlined. I immersed. Why were some strategies simply not working or not working as well as I would like?

I got my first aha! moment when I watched a recent keynote speech by author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.

In his speech, he talked about marketing in the world that we live in.  He stated that getting romantic about your marketing is the easiest way to go out of business.

Just because one method of marketing has worked for you for years, does not mean it will still work for you today.

You have to apply marketing initiatives that your target audience likes and consumes, not necessarily what feels comfortable to you.

You may be thinking, well shouldn’t I use strategies and tactics that I resonate with and understand?

Yes and no.

If you can incorporate those marketing tactics and tools that you enjoy and understand, that would be the ideal situation of course. You’ll most likely stick with it if that is the case.

However if 80% of your target audience uses Vine or Instagram, and you’re not on that platform,  you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. Ultimately this may cost you your business.

Here’s a simple solution.  If you really can’t wrap your head around using a specific tool or platform, hire someone who can.

If it’s a viable platform or tool, the investment for acquiring leads and clients will outweigh the cost of outsourcing this initiative.

My second breakthrough was even more powerful and profound.  It is something I’ve heard before and understood intellectually, but it never truly registered at my core.

It was simply this:

Implement marketing strategies that work on you.

OK , let’s get real. No one likes to be marketed to. But the reality is that we are constantly being subjected to marketing messages on a daily basis … and some of it works on us!

We are making choices daily on what to say yes or no to depending on our needs, interests and desires.

As consumers we have a line where we allow marketers to go with us. We’ve established what’s OK and what’s not. Cross that line and they’ll have to go hell and high water to gain our trust back.

Yet as marketers we often cross that line with our initiatives – even if it’s a strategy or tactic that we ourselves (as consumers) wouldn’t like. Where’s the logic in that?

Seriously, when was the last time you told yourself, “I can’t wait to go home and get that cold call right as I’m about to sit down and eat dinner!” Ahh, not!

Put yourself in your consumer shoes when creating marketing initiatives and promotions.

Like I said, it’s not rocket science. We know that the best way to truly understand someone else’s point of view, needs, and desires, is to see things from their perspective – and not ours.

Let’s face it. People are more savvy than ever these days. And their bullshit meters have been fine tuned over the years.

Stop worrying about pushing your agenda and worry about how to truly be of service. Do that consistently and you’ll never have to worry about getting clients.

We all need help with something. But we are going to get it from those persons and businesses who we feel understand our needs and desires.

When someone is ready to buy they’ll buy. In actuality there’s not a whole lot of thought that goes into it when someone is ready to take the next step.

You may argue, “But what about the power of persuasion?” Sure you can facilitate the process of leading someone to a yes or no by sharing with them the benefits of your products and services. That’s what marketing is all about!

But at the end of the day, 99.9% of the people who end of buying, do so because they’ve decided on it … They weighed their options and decided that a particular product or service was a good fit for them at that time.

The other 0.1% that buy, ultimately are left feeling jaded and bitter when they soon realize they’ve been coerced into buying something they did not really want or need. Do you really want to get a new client in this manner?

Your job is to be there when they’re ready buy. How you get the opportunity to stick around is by listening and providing true value … that matters to them!

I’m come to ask myself one simple question every time I feel the need to share something. And that is this,

Does this really matter … to them?

If you are truly stepping into the shoes of your client and have been listening all along, you’ll easily get the answer. If the answer is not clear, then you have more digging to do.

Reach out to your ideal clients and ask questions. Find out what they’re talking about. See what interests them. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from by simply refraining from talking and just listening.

And here’s the kicker. The more you listen, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you can truly be of service. To more you’re of service, the more successful you’ll become.

Crazy how that works.

Exercise: Pull out a sheet of paper or start a new word document on your computer. Think of your most ideal client. Who is he or she? What do they do? How would you describe them? What are their biggest challenges? What are their fears?

Now write a letter. This letter is NOT coming from you, but rather your ideal client is writing it TO you. She or he is answering all those questions I’ve just listed above. Your job it to write the letter as if where truly coming from her and not from what you think he or she is experiencing. Be sure to share below what came up for during this exercise.

photo credit: CJS*64 via photopin cc

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