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Chick-fil-A Marketing Campaign

Let me start by saying that Chick-fil-A first launched its Cow Campaign ten years ago. Their campaign progression has been a long process; but thankfully due to their patience, it seems all their hard work and dedication to the campaign is beginning to pay off!

Chick-fil-A’s commercial campaigns as of recently has taken on a whole new level of awareness for its company; we can attribute this to its creative marketing strategies and tactics. With its creative and fun-to-watch commercial advertising and growing Facebook fan page, it’s no wonder people are starting to take notice.

Needless to say, their Facebook page is a marketers dream; a plethora of fun images and video, interesting content, and relevant information … and a good amount of engagement to go along with it. They don’t post that often, but when they do, it has an impact.

The Brilliant Marketing Tactic

Here’s is what I especially love about their Cow Campaign that you don’t see very often; yet it’s one of the most powerful ways to connect with people at the emotional level. They’ve taken an animal and humanized it. When you view one of their commercials, you can’t help but relate to the cow as it were another human being with the same level of mental thought process and consciousness.

Add humor to a social message and you just may have a winning formula!

Check it out!

Of course, you can achieve similar results of touching the human emotion using other means; we’ve seen this over and over – albeit it always seem to work particularly well when animals are involved.

Here’s one of my favorites from Lexus. You can’t help but think “Yum!” and “Oops!” all in the same breathe when you watch it. Check it out!

“Humanizing” Your Product or Service

So how do you go about humanizing your product or service? What can you do to touch people at the emotional core with your message – especially if you have a small marketing budget? Let’s get real here. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t have the capital to launch a campaign such as the Cow Campaign.

The fastest – and one of the most effective – way to humanize your products and services is by telling stories. You’ve probably heard many times how sharing a story can arouse human emotions, and this applies to business as well. At the end of the day people want to feel connected to something, whether it’s another person, a business, or product. They want to feel as if this person, business, or product will change their lives in some way.

 How to Tell a Story

There’s definitely an art form to storytelling; but it’s a skill that can be learned. Hopefully you remember from middle school when we first learned about the basic elements of a story, that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Throughout the story their are characters, plots, settings and hurdles the characters must overcome. But how does a business owner tell their story?

There are various ways a business owner or entrepreneur can use storytelling:

  • Tell their own story: How they got started, their struggles, what they had to overcome, and how this can benefit their prospective clients and customers.
  • Tell their customers story: Use case studies and interviews to showcase their clients’desires and objectives, what got in the way of obtaining their desired results, and how your product or service helped them to do so.
  • Create a fictional character: Creating a character people can love (or love to hate) and connecting that character with your brand can be a powerful marketing strategy. For example, one of my favorite partnerships have been that of Star Wars Darth Vader and Volkswagon. It’s going to take some work on your part to develop the character and find a way for people to connect with it, but we’ve have seen it done over and over.

Lesson to be Learned

At the end of the day, I think the lesson to be learned is that with some creative thinking, business soul-searching, and patience you can find a way to help people emotionally connect to your product or service. Sometimes it will be obviously – like using the cows to help promote eating more chicken and less meat; if you eat more chicken, it’s a good chance you’ll be eating less meat in turn. Other times it may not be so obvious.

But if you can somehow make that connection, through your story, your clients stories, or through a character, persistently tell that story, and allow people to care about the journey, you may just have your hands on the beginning of a brilliant marketing campaign yourself.

Have you used your story or a character in your marketing to connect with your customers and clients? Share your experience below!

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