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3 Questions That Will Change Your Business (and Life)

Ask questions in businessAsking questions (well rather, asking the “right” questions) have an amazing way of getting to the heart of the matter.  There are many benefits to asking questions – whether you’re asking questions to others or asking them to yourself. It’s a powerful tool and often overlooked.

This is not the first time I’ve spoken about the power of questions. I even created a video about a year ago on this very topic. P.S. That’s my old site, so ignore the closing statements.

I still believe in the power of “what if” and “what must” questions, but the quality of my questions have not only evolved, but so has their impact and meaning. I truly believe that if I had asked myself these three questions just a year ago, they would have not had the same impact in my business and life then it does today.


Because as you’re evolving as an entrepreneur (and as a human being in general) you are only open to what you’re ready for. A year ago, I don’t think I was TRULY ready for these types of questions. I hadn’t yet learned what I had learned this past year … I had not yet stepped into a new awareness of what’s possible in my business (and in my life).

But I’m going to share these questions with you. Maybe you’ll be open to them … maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll read them and think nothing of it … maybe you’ll read them and it will shift your whole world.

My recommendation is this – read them and then listen for them. When I say listen, I mean listen to what comes up in your thoughts as you ask each question and contemplate the answer.

Here are the three very simple, yet powerful, questions:

How do I give value today?

How do I bring love into my life today?

How do I make a sale today?

Bonus question:

What’s the complete opposite of what I’m doing now?

You’re probably a bit confused right now. I’m sure you have your OWN questions about these questions. I’m going to dive into your mind and address some questions you may have and at the same time dive deeper into the power of each of these questions.

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Protecting Your Work from Decepticons [Video]

protecting-your-workYes, I understand using the word Decepticons is strange, but I think it’s a fairly polite way of referring to people whose sole purpose is to steal all your hard work and claim it as theirs – or give it to someone else to use! Let me explain further.

We all “borrow”, right? Most businesses are created following the model of other already successful businesses. It’s a rarity where you see something completely original. However, that being said, many of us have created a process, project, program, communication brief, etc., that is specific to our business and although other businesses may have inspired us, it’s our own creation nonetheless.

Let’s take my Communication Brief that I send to prospective and paid clients when conducting my Free Introductory Assessments. If you viewed it, it’s not an original piece of work. There are no new words, questions you haven’t heard before, or anything of that sort.

However, it’s created systematically to take you along a path that will allow you to see very clearly where you’re at in your business, where you want to go, and what’s missing. It’s taken me a long time to develop it to be so. I know those who fill out this form often have a transformation just by doing so.

I don’t want some ‘Decepticon’, not only wasting my time, but adding insult to injury by taking my material and using it for their own purposes.  Idea and material theft is a concern for many business owners, especially for Small Business Professionals. Often times we have to cough up reports, questionnairres and proposals way before even entertaining the possibility that this person will become a client of ours.

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Creating a Bucket List for Your Business

my_bucket_listRecently I read an article created by Peggy of on The Beauty of a Dream.  Great article.  But what really stood out for me is like her I created my bucket list some time ago. Many of my dreams I’ve been able to accomplish and many I’m still working on.

Hmm … reminder: update bucket list.

But in the process of my new motivation to revisit my buck list and inject the power of dream back into my life, I realized something. My business is (and has been) a central part of my life – yet I do not have a bucket list for it.

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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Powerful Amex @OPENForum Infographics

Celebrating Women EntrepreneursLast time I shared with you the 7 Hot Blogs for Women Entrepreneurs.  This week I wanted to share a powerful, insightful, and inspirational series of articles and infographics recently posted by American Express Open Forum.

American Express Open Forum recently published a 4-part series celebrating Women Entrepreneurs and the impact that this rise of women business owners has had on our economy.

Allison Silver, VP of brand, advertising and advocacy for American Express OPEN, stated:

We’re taking a look at the “magnitude of the movement” in these regions. Women are having a seismic impact on our economy, creating jobs and driving innovation. It’s important for women to mentor and share ideas with each other, and also offer insight into overcoming business challenges; this is the recipe for success. That’s why this space and this dialogue are so important. We want to keep the focus on the progress these small businesses are making, so we can all continue to support businesses run by women.

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7 Hot Blogs for Women Entrepreneurs

women-entrepreneursHey ladies! I’ve been perusing the net lately specifically looking for blogs that cater to us females. Some of these fab ladies I’ve know for some time – a couple of others are noteworthy newcomers to my world. And for you smart men reading up on this, take note. Want to know what interests women and what makes them tick? Check out these blogs as well.

Let’s face it. Blogs run by women have a different feel to them … a certain ‘je ne sais quo’ that is not prevalent in male dominated blogs.


I come up with a list of seven blogs that have I think you may enjoy.  These are blogs run by smart, sassy women with a mission and a message. What more could you ask for?

Let’s roll…

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