Is it an opportunity or distraction?? Here’s how I make decisions …

In today’s Marketing & Mindset Video Tip I discuss how to make a decision … How do you decide whether or not to move forward with an opportunity? How do we determine if something is an opportunity or a distraction?

We get soooo many marketing messages on any given day – I know I do! I can get up to 100 emails a day. Many of those emails are people and business promoting their products and services to me.

So how do determine which are the ones I act on or not for me … or not for me at this time?

Simple. Ask question!

Let me just say first. There is something to say to being decisive, don’t you agree? But there’s also something to be said about getting all facts first and educating yourself before making a decision. You really have to decide for yourself which is the best course of action.

Yes I get it! Catch 22! You have to decide how to decide!!


1) Is it aligned with your bigger vision in your business?

First if you don’t have a vision, get one stat! Next, is this opportunity going to help you move closer to your vision and goals? If so, great! If not, then it’s probably not a good opportunity for you.

2) Is it a potential short-term distraction?

For example, you get an email from someone offering a $5000 course on how to use Facebook to promote your business. Cool!

You’re thinking great! I can take this course, learn all there is to learn about promoting my book and rock it.

Here is the problem: You’ve not taken $5000 out of your budget to pay for a course to promote a book you have not created or published yet. You now are $5000 short on fund for the publishing of the book and your energy and time has gone into learning Facebook promotion and NOT writing your book.

Now I’m not saying this is not a valid opportunity. You really have to look for yourself. But is this a possible distraction? Could it be more helpful for you to take 1/3 of that budget and pay a social media marketer to help seed and promote your book – this way only a third of your budget goes to promotion and none of your time.

Now you can use 2/3 of your budget towards publishing your book and your full focus and time.  But can you see how this can be a potential distraction??

3) Is it aligned with your value system?

I’m a true believer that if something is tapping on your value system – if it’s not aligned with your values and beliefs it can be detrimental to you and your business.

Do you have any “barometers” you use to determine if something is an opportunity or distraction? Please share below!


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