Are you going to allow others to determine your value?


This past week I’ve kept stalling about joining the Public Speakers Association. I had many “excuses” of course.

  • How would I be able to keep up the monthly payments if income stopped coming in?
  • What if I pay for the service and never use it? Been there, done that!
  • What if I can’t take the time off to go to the meetings?
  • What if I had nothing to say? (YES! This did enter my mind!)

But as I began to evaluate all the excuses (Valid for sure!) I had for not joining, I noticed something very profound – and at the same time alarming. They were all questions based on FEAR. None of it was true. It was all a projection of what I think  might happen in the future.

In the moment, all there is is possibility. Therefore I was living into a future that did not exist and did not create the space for me to grow – as a person and as an entrepreneur.

The potential impact of being run by my fears were way worse than the fears themselves. The impact of not taking action were:

  • I would be left behind
  • I would remain stagnant
  • I would never feel completely fulfilled and happy because I had made choices based on limiting beliefs and limited thinking
  • My financial situation will be based on some else’ view of how they valued me and not how I valued myself
  • That I would continue to struggle
  • That I may have to rely on others when I grew old to take care of me because I never really “grew up”

Breathe …

Therefore I’m creating for myself the possibility of being courageous (in spite of my fears) and to trust myself and “the forces that be” that if I take bold (but calculated) steps that all is possible and opportunities will present themselves to me.

However, creating this new possibility does not come without challenges for sure. How do I stay present to the possibility I’ve created for myself? How do I continue to act courageous when presented with circumstances that generate fear – many which I’m not even consciously aware of?

I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’ll continue to do what I’ve done in the past several years of developing and training my mindset – and that is to consciously and intentionally being mindful of my thoughts and questioning my beliefs on a daily basis.

For most of my life, and unfortunately for many people still, I lived my life pretty much unconsciously. I was very reactive to outside circumstances, took little responsibility for my life, and often blamed everything outside of myself for why things were not going as I “planned it.”

About fifteen years ago, I was opened to new ways of thinking – the most powerful being that I was responsible for all that was happening in my life. And since I was responsible for it, it also meant I could change anything I didn’t like at any time.

Has the process of making changes been easy? Hell no! See there’s these little things called habits and unconscious beliefs that work for or against me at any given time. And it’s been a LONG process of one by one recognizing those “bad” habits and uncovering those dis-empowering unconscious beliefs and putting them bed.

I get that this will be a life-long process, but I’m up for the challenge! I also get that I am the only one that determines my value and if I want to achieve the financial abundance that I know in my heart that I can have, then I have to behave in alignment with that belief.

This means taking calculated risks, having faith, and being consistent with my plan of action.

How about you? Are you going to let someone else determine your value?

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