Don’t move until you see it …

Have you ever seen the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer? Great movie about a young child prodigy who has a natural talent for playing chess and was constantly being compared Bobby Fischer, one of the worlds’ best chess players.

There’s a scene in the movie where the coach tells the young boy who is studying chess moves, “Don’t move until you see it.”  Basically, he was telling him not to move his next chess piece until he can see all the moves necessary to win the game.

The little boy looks at the board and tells the coach, “I can’t see it.” And the coach in turn continues to tell the boy, “Don’t move until you see it. Don’t move until you see it…”

Such an amazing line and great lesson because many entrepreneurs and small business owners go about their day-to-day operations without any rhyme or reason… Without having a vision. Whether it’s an overall vision for your business or specific vision for a project, workshop, event, etc.

Video Overview:

Action Plan:

  1. Take some time today to create a vision in your minds’ eye and allow yourself to feel what it would feel like to complete that vision. Really make it concrete in your mind.
  2. Begin jotting down in your business journal some steps it would take for you to get there. If you don’t know all the steps, just jot down that first step that will help you move towards your vision.

Remember once again, don’t move until you see it.

photo credit: Felipe Morin via photopin cc

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  1. Great tip, Michele :)

    It’s like planning ahead, right?

    I have envisioned about my future – what I want to be (or achieve) in 5 or 10 years.

    As for the steps to achieve it…well, I have planned out the initial steps. Beyond that, there are several different ‘paths’ I can take to achieve my vision vision (I am letting life dictate which path I should take. :D).

    Thank you for sharing this, Michele. Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!

    1. Hey Jeevan,

      What kind of like planning ahead, but only to an extend. It’s like what Stephen Covey says about “seeing the end in mind,” yet not always knowing the steps to get you there. Sometimes it’s just the first step you see. As you said, there can be multiple paths all leading to the end result. I can appreciate that you are allowing the path to be ‘shown’ to you rather than trying to force it to be a certain way. Nice. 😉


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