How important is a Facebook business page?

 Facebook business page

Facebook Business Page

One of the most common questions I get from clients is how important is it to have a Facebook business page? First let me say that whether or not you deem having a Facebook business page necessary for your business is up to two things:

  • Is your target audience located on this platform?
  • Do you plan to use this platform regular to connect with your audience?

If the answer is NO to both of these questions, than maybe Facebook marketing is not for you.

However that being said, by not having a Facebook business page you are very likely leaving opportunities on the table. With over 1 Billion people using Facebook now – many for business – your target market is definitely using this platform as a means to socially connect with others. I have yet to hear of an industry or niche that does not have their target audience located on Facebook.

Let’s now tackle the second part of the equation – using Facebook to regularly connect with your audience. Sure I understand that it’s more “challenging” now than ever to connect with your audience via your Facebook business page. Since the many changes Facebook has made, reach has decreased, advertisement costs have increased, and overall engagement due to the recently new Facebook News Feed redesign has decreased for many business owners, it’s a wonder why many marketers and business owners are losing heart on the effectiveness of Facebook Marketing.

That being said, I still think that Facebook Marketing is an integral part of your business growth for brand exposure and lead generation – and if used strategically can produce very favorable results. You still may have to consider Facebook advertising to leverage your efforts –  sometimes a monetary investment is necessary to expedite your business growth – although I have had success favorable success increasing my Page Likes without the need to advertise.

I guess you can figure out by now that I feel having a Facebook business page is necessary if you want to exponentially grow your business. But more importantly than setting up a Facebook business page, is optimizing it! And much like optimizing your website for search engines, optimizing your Facebook for your users is just as important.

That is why this Thursday, May 30th 2013, at 1:30PM EST, I will be hosting a LIVE screencast training on how to set up a Facebook business page and optimize it. It’s going to be jam-packed with information so I truly hope you can make it!

For more information on this training as well as other upcoming trainings, check out my online marketing strategies screencast trainings schedule!

Hope to see you inside!

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