Bye bye Google Reader – HELLO Feedly!

FeedlyFeedly rocks! End post. Just kidding. Seriously though, ever since Google announced that Google Reader was going bye bye as of July 1st, 2013 I began wondering what I could use in place of it.

I have to confess. I didn’t use Google Reader all that much to begin with it. I’m a visual person and quite frankly Google Reader was so aesthetically unpleasing that I often relied on Google Alerts and Triberr to let me know when new articles popped up from some of my favorite blogs. Or I would browse my Twitter lists to see what my peeps was up to … Not always the most efficiently way with staying in the know.

As with everything I do – EVENTUALLY I come to the question, how can I do this more efficiently and/or inexpensively? I knew grabbing bits and pieces of content from multiple resources was not the best use of my time. And getting Google Alerts each time a blog posted a new article, was cluttering up my inbox. NOT fun!!

Recently as I was listening to one of Michael Hyatt’s podcasts; he had mentioned Feedly. Go Michael! I have heard of this service before, but never gave it much thought until now. The minute I logged in, I was hooked. I had found a home for all my content consumption … Okay. At least most of it.

Organize your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels and access them all in one place (or sync with Google Reader).

Outside of the fact that Feedly is just so much purtier ;-), it’s a lot easier to use and you can import your feeds from Google Reader so you don’t have to lose the feeds you’ve already added.

Feedly Overview:

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Add Content

Add content to feedly

Organize your Feed

organize feed

View by Category

View by category

Other viewing Options

Feedly options

Share Post Options

Share posts

I like that it gives you that magazine-style / blog-feel that many of us are used to – ultimately making it overall more user-friendly and a better viewing experience. My favorite feature is the sharing feature. Now if only they can integrate commenting within the same interface. Now THAT would be cool!

Have you tried Feedly yet? What are your thoughts? List below!


  1. Hi Michele,

    I am loving feedly, and this post. Easy to use and since Big G is shutting down Reader it makes sense to learn the ins and outs of its prettier counterpart.

    Thanks for sharing and it is great to chat with you again buddy!


    1. It’s sooo great seeing you here Ryan. You were missed.

      Thanks for stopping in … and yeah, I hear you. Loving it too. 😉

  2. Haven’t learned to love it yet, but i’m trying…it would be awesome if you could comment from right there in feedly…I have heard from a couple of subscribers that when they imported their google reader settings, including my blog, my blog’s name doesn’t appear in feedly…it just says “title unknown” (it does appear by title in my version of feedly)

    1. Hmm, I haven’t heard about that. I haven’t experienced that myself. I would suggest maybe telling your readers to edit the blog title within Feedly. They can just go to Organize > click on the edit icon and then edit the blog title directly. May be some hiccup between Google Reader and Feedly.

      Good luck!


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