HootSuite Launches Twitter Advertising {Training}

I’m a huge HootSuite fan; been using it for a long time. Even did some tutorials on it some time ago. Here’s one on Automating Your Social Media Marketing With HootSuite; it focuses on the paid version of HootSuite, but you can easily use it for the same functions using the free version.

By the way, I will be doing an updated video tutorial on using HootSuite, as they have added new functions since the writing of the post mentioned above.

So you can guess I was excited when they recently announced Twitter Advertising.

Twitter Advertising is similar to Facebook advertising in that allows you to get targeted and showcase your tweets with your ideal audience. You can even narrow down your focus to a geographical area (which I love!) if your business runs locally or if you are running a local event that you want to promote.

With my upcoming EDGE: Entrepreneurs Uncovering & Embracing their True Genius event in NYC, this is a feature I definitely want to take advantage of.

But let’s suppose you’re a speaker and you have been invited to speak at someone’s event. You can use promoted tweets to target those living in the area of where the event is going to take place. No more having to tweet to the masses and hoping that a few out of the hundreds, or thousands, just happen to reside in that geographical area and may be interested in attending your event.

To get started is extremely easy and can be done in four simple steps.

Step 1: Select your desired location.

As I stated above this is really handy if you are promoting something locally. But if you work globally this will work great regardless. For example, I want to promote my upcoming workshop in NYC so it would be smart to select this location specifically as well as neighboring cities.

Of course you can suggest people fly in if it’s a weekend retreat of sorts; in this case you can select to target specific countries or to promote everywhere. However, I would suggest if this is your intention that you allow a minimum of three months to market this sort of event.

Location for Twitter Advertising

Step 2: Gain new followers by promoting your account

If you choose to select this option, simply select the budget you want to spend per day and the maximum you want to spend per follower. I must admit I’m not a huge fan of this option. If you have it in your marketing budget to do this than great! If not, than I think you can easily gain new followers by spending 10-15 minutes per day following others within your target market and unfollowing (if you choose to do so) those that don’t follow you back. Here’s a tutorial on Finding Your Target Audience on Twitter.

Promoting account on Twitter

Step 3: Promoting your Tweets

Now we’re talking! This is the option which I find most useful about this new launch. This is were you get to amplify the tweets that are the life bread to you being able to grow your business. Have a new product coming up, rolling out a membership site, new workshop coming up? This is the opportune time to use this feature.

OK, so I definitely plan to roll out a Twitter Advertising Campaign in September for my upcoming EDGE event. I will report back to you how it goes and my findings sometime in October.

Promoting tweets on Twitter
So what are your thoughts on this new launch by HootSuite? Hot or Not?

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