What would it take to live an extraordinary life?

Extraordinary Life

I woke the other day with a powerful thought. After having a massive breakdown the night before, it was a welcomed experience.

Over the course of several weeks I’ve been wandering around as something was not right… my life was not right.

It doesn’t occur often but when it does , it’s numbing. Definite head trip for sure.

The night of my “breakdown” I got to a place where I resigned. I finally for the first time, I think, accepted all that was in my life.

I had surrendered and accepted what my life had become – the good, the bad, and the ugly. There’s something soothing about accepting what’s so.

Yes it was coming from a place of resignation, but it felt good nonetheless.  I had spent all of my life trying desperately not to accept what’s so – always wanting to be somewhere else. Wanting more money, a better business, a nicer house, to travel more. (All this wanting has been exhausting.)

Striving. Reaching. Full steam ahead.

Nothing wrong with wanting more. It’s natural … it’s nature. But does wanting more for your life mean having to constantly climb this exhaustive never-ending hill?  With all this constant pushing, struggling, and going against the grain, you come to wonder if you’ve been wrong all along.

Is it all really worth it? There has to be a better way for sure!

This is where the thought of acceptance came in. I didn’t have the energy to fight any longer. I felt beat and beat up.

The words “I surrender” came out of my mouth.  For a second it felt as if I had given up on life. But when the sense of relief came over me , I knew that what I had said out loud was more powerful than I could understand at that moment.

It had planted a seed….

I slept soundly that evening – which is not usually the case. The next morning something happened that I believed changed everything.

My first thought was “I choose an extraordinary life!” I’m still not sure if it was my voice or that of ‘another.’ But it was loud and clear.

I sprung out of bed as if I had this newfound energy that had not existed before. (If you see how slowly I can move in the morning, you’d know what I mean.)

I immediately did my morning workout and meditated. I felt great. I felt as if anything was possible. Maybe something finally shifted in me. Things were going to turn around and I’m going to skyrocket to success in all areas of my life!!

Woo hoo!!

Rude awakening unfolds …

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go that way . Throughout the day I experienced mini-breakdowns. I felt myself falling back into old behaviors. I began to feel discouraged.

Then I reminded myself of something.

With every breakdown I was experiencing, I became more and more clear of what I DIDN’T want to have or BE in my life – and made a mental note of it.

I caught myself saying over and over, “Would someone living an extraordinary life act or be this way?”

I was making deposits into the ‘what I didn’t want’ pile, inadvertently and subsequently adding to the ‘what I did want’ pile.

Hope and possibility were back!

I also got that choosing to live an extraordinary life did not mean having every day be the perfect day; but rather choosing to live each day openhearted and true to me – and continuing to do the work.

What remarkable thing can I do daily that will put me a step closer to living an extraordinary life? I did what’s now become a wonderfully, productive habit of mine. I decided to meditate on the question, “What would it take to live an extraordinary life?”

During my short, albeit powerful, meditation session, here are the answers that were presented to my conscious mind:

  • Surround yourself with extraordinary people
  • Let go of time
  • Step by step

What comes to you may be different. These answers were meant for me and resonated with me at a deep level.

Since this session I’ve been practicing on a daily basis to let go of time and seeking out those I felt were living extraordinary lives. I’ve also have come to accept that all things unfold step by step, and the act of having to take quantum leaps – although sometimes courageous and certainly welcomed – were unnecessary.

With an understanding that the term “extraordinary” is subjective, I ask again, what would it take to live an extraordinary life?

Well. You tell me.



  1. Hi Michelle,

    I love this!

    It’s so easy to play the comparison game, isn’t it? Especially in the blogosphere we inhabit. And this is where a lot of that “wanting” comes from, I think.

    It’s okay to focus on people who are successful, but I would advise people to be somewhat cautious, because this can turn into a strange mix of adulation, jealously, and keeping up with the Joneses… that’s counterproductive and can kill your spirit (read: suck the energy right out of you).

    Enjoyed the post and yes…
    surround yourself with great people.
    stop rushing :)
    and get there by taking baby steps.

    1. Hi Craig,

      I agree about focusing too much on other successful people which ultimately can have an adverse effect. Great to model and get inspired to do what they do and model their characteristics, another thing to obsess or let it get to a point where it even makes you feel bad about yourself.

      Nothing wrong with “wanting to be like Mike,” as long as you’re staying true to who you are … and taking action.

      So thanks for sharing that advise. Invaluable addition to this conversation!

      Stay awesome!
      P.S. YES! Stop rushing… something I regularly have to remind myself of. 😉


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