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Check out this brilliant marketing campaign!

Chick-fil-A Marketing Campaign

Let me start by saying that Chick-fil-A first launched its Cow Campaign ten years ago. Their campaign progression has been a long process; but thankfully due to their patience, it seems all their hard work and dedication to the campaign is beginning to pay off!

Chick-fil-A’s commercial campaigns as of recently has taken on a whole new level of awareness for its company; we can attribute this to its creative marketing strategies and tactics. With its creative and fun-to-watch commercial advertising and growing Facebook fan page, it’s no wonder people are starting to take notice.

Needless to say, their Facebook page is a marketers dream; a plethora of fun images and video, interesting content, and relevant information … and a good amount of engagement to go along with it. They don’t post that often, but when they do, it has an impact.

The Brilliant Marketing Tactic

Here’s is what I especially love about their Cow Campaign that you don’t see very often; yet it’s one of the most powerful ways to connect with people at the emotional level. They’ve taken an animal and humanized it. When you view one of their commercials, you can’t help but relate to the cow as it were another human being with the same level of mental thought process and consciousness.

Add humor to a social message and you just may have a winning formula!

Check it out!

Of course, you can achieve similar results of touching the human emotion using other means; we’ve seen this over and over – albeit it always seem to work particularly well when animals are involved.

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The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business [exercise included]

Best Marketing Strategy

You’re probably reading this because you are looking for that one quick fix that’s going to take your marketing from static to sensational.

Sensational marketing.  Now that would be something.

I’m here to burst your bubble unfortunately.  There isn’t one quick fix.

However, I wouldn’t bring you here if I didn’t have something of value to share, would I?

I spent a big chunk of my marketing career doing. Doing. Doing. Doing!

Initially I was doing it all thinking that was the answer.  Eventually I came to realize that sometimes less is more … such was the case when it came to marketing.

As I was marketing my business and those of my clients, I began to realize that sometimes those strategies where producing substandard results.

Sometimes switching strategies worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

For the longest time I couldn’t quite figure out the best marketing strategy “formula”. I streamlined. I immersed. Why were some strategies simply not working or not working as well as I would like?

I got my first aha! moment when I watched a recent keynote speech by author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.

In his speech, he talked about marketing in the world that we live in.  He stated that getting romantic about your marketing is the easiest way to go out of business.

Just because one method of marketing has worked for you for years, does not mean it will still work for you today.

You have to apply marketing initiatives that your target audience likes and consumes, not necessarily what feels comfortable to you.

You may be thinking, well shouldn’t I use strategies and tactics that I resonate with and understand?

Yes and no.

If you can incorporate those marketing tactics and tools that you enjoy and understand, that would be the ideal situation of course. You’ll most likely stick with it if that is the case.

However if 80% of your target audience uses Vine or Instagram, and you’re not on that platform,  you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. Ultimately this may cost you your business.

Here’s a simple solution.  If you really can’t wrap your head around using a specific tool or platform, hire someone who can.

If it’s a viable platform or tool, the investment for acquiring leads and clients will outweigh the cost of outsourcing this initiative.

My second breakthrough was even more powerful and profound.  It is something I’ve heard before and understood intellectually, but it never truly registered at my core.

It was simply this:

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Marketing 101 for the Novice

marketing quote

What is marketing? Marketing, much like sales, for a long time has been given a bad rap. Mostly I think because people either don’t understand it or they fear it. As a result they don’t market their business or don’t do enough of it.

Let’s define marketing:

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, marketing is “the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc.

Simply put, marketing is the process by which you show people how your product, service, or cause can make a difference in their lives! Like sales, it is not something you do to someone, but rather, something you do for them.

I’ve used this example before. Let’s say you went to the doctor for a checkup. Afterwards she gave you a diagnosis that required you to take certain medications. Wouldn’t the natural next step be for her to write a prescription and/or give you direction on what you needed to do next? How would you feel if none were given?

In essence that is what you are doing when you have a product or service that can help someone be happier, healthier, and/or wealthier and you don’t give them the solution by marketing your product or service. If they don’t know what it is you offer, they’ll never get the opportunity to make a decision to choose yes or no to that offer.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, marketing books available that can teach you the basic principles to marketing. At the end of the day, here’s how it works:

Person has a BIG problem/need/desire –> You have the solution

Your job is to hone in on your prospective customers’ problems, frustrations, desires, etc., and how your product or service will either alleviate or accentuate each.

  • How can your coaching alleviate their frustrations with not getting enough clients?
  • How can your interior design services make someone happier?
  • How does your body wrap help someone lose weight and as a result make them feel more confident and happier?

Marketing Channels

Here a but a few ways to market your business:

  • Virtual trainings (teleseminars, telesummits, webinars)
  • Direct marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Video marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creating marketing materials (business cards, brochures, etc.)
  • Email marketing
  • Workshops / Lunch & Learns / Events
  • Speaking
  • Networking
  • Joining associations/BNI’s
  • Press releases
  • TV/radio/bill boards
  • Media coverage (news, editorials, local publications)

As you can see, there many methods you can use to market your business. Should you do them all? I wouldn’t suggest it!  Your job is to try different marketing initiatives, test them along the way, and see which ones work best for your business. Unfortunately not all marketing is created equal. If it were, we’d all be doing the same thing!

Where to Begin with Marketing

Where I’ve had most success when it comes to marketing was not by doing it all, but rather by selecting a few strategies and doing them over and over and over. And when you’re sick of it, do it some more!

You may also find that you may get results using many different methods. This does not mean you should use them all! I wouldn’t recommend spreading yourself thin this way. This is definitely a recipe for disaster – and overwhelm. Take it from someone who’s been there. 😉

I’ve always (and still do) followed the Rule of 3. That is, I do everything in three’s – 3 strategies, 3 tactics, 3 daily priorities, etc. Therefore, I would suggest you take your pick of strategies listed above and start with those. Don’t worry, you’re not married to them. You can change them later on if you like.

However, the key here is to immerse yourself in those three strategies over a period of time and evaluate their effectiveness. Keep doing those strategies that are producing great results and switch out the ones that are producing little to no results.

Here’s an example I’ve shared before on Facebook:


Sure marketing is a process. There’s no quick fix … And if someone tells you differently, I’d suggest you take your checkbook and run the other way – fast!

They key to marketing is:

  • consistency
  • persistence
  • dedication

Pick your process, stick with it for some time and evaluate your results along the way. Be sure to include both offline and online marketing strategies. I’m yet to come across a business/industry that can’t benefit from both types of marketing.

And listen if you’re really getting stuck with marketing, check out my Marketing Deconstruction Session; or at the very least attend a marketing seminar of sorts to gain some more clarity around how to do it effectively. Google ‘Marketing Seminars + [your city]‘ and see what comes up or visit Eventbrite and see what’s listed in your local area.

Study marketing! I heard T. Harv Eker say once that once your business is set up, you should be spending 80% of your time on marketing, sales, and promotion – and only 20% of your time on other stuff such as operations. If you’re hearing this for the first time, I know it can be overwhelming. There might even be a part of you that doesn’t agree.

For me it’s simple. T. Harv Eker is a multi-millionaire many times over and has run many successful businesses. My rule of thumb is this: If I’m going to take advice from anyone, I’m going to take it from someone who is generating a lot more income than me and producing great results in his or her business … And here’s what’s cool. The more I take on advice and strategies from those more successful than me, the more I continue to grow as an individual and professional.

Just saying … 😉

How to Stay in The Loop in Your Industry

People often ask me how do they find up-to-date content and stay in the loop with their industry?

Let me just say that I don’t think  the problem is finding content. Content is everywhere! The problem is information overload and deciding where are those few select places you can go to and focus on to stay informed about current trends and news in your industry.

For example, I use sites such as or Another great site to stay on top of what’s new in your industry is This service is great for aggregating the top news and article updates of those you follow on Twitter.

There are hundreds of other sites you can use to stay in the loop with your industry, but let’s not forget face to face strategies such as attending workshops and industry associations. These get-togethers can be a great source of information; this way when you go back to your clients and prospective clients you are well informed and you can communicate to them what they need to know to move forward in their life and business.

My recommendation is to stick with no more than two to three content curation sites you like; otherwise you’ll potentially risk falling into the information overload black hole. Yikes!

Video Overview:

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Conquering the Marketing Beast is Not Only For the Lucky Few

Want to know some of the biggest complaints I hear from people when it comes to marketing? It’s this:

I’m not good at marketing

I don’t like marketing

Marketing is too hard

I just had a conversation with a new client the other day about her fear of marketing … Yes! She fears marketing.

She’d rather deal with the repercussions of not marketing her business, then deal with what it’s going to take from her to actually apply marketing strategies in her business.

Crazy I know!

But she’s not alone unfortunately.

There are many like her – suffering in silence as their business continues to spiral downhill. No leads in the pipeline. Not enough clients to sustain their business. Expenses piling up and not enough income coming in to pay those expenses.


And I felt her anxiety continue to build as we began to speak more in-depth about her marketing plan.

“Plan? What do you mean?” she asked.

I don’t like marketing. It’s very overwhelming,” she stated.

BIG Ugh!!

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3 Clients in 30 Days Challenge Starts Soon! Join Us!

30 Day Challenge - Click Here

One of the biggest complaints I here from service professionals is that they can’t seem to get enough clients. Other issues that come up are:

  1. Getting clients is so sporadic
  2. Getting clients seems to elude them
  3. They experience the feast and famine cycle too often (Been there, done that!)

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years with working with clients from many different industries – from professional services to retail services – is that the problem is rarely the type of service and/or product provided. Although whether or not they keep the client in the long-term without great service to back them up is another topic of discussion.

The problem usually falls down to lack of clarity with what service they provide, whom they provide it to, and following through with a consistent and streamlined marketing plan.

Getting clients is not a mystery … It’s a formula. The trick is how to find the right formula that works for YOU!

That being said, how can you get past this challenge so you not only have more than enough clients to sustain your business, but a whole host of leads in the pipeline waiting to work with you?!

I hear that mind of yours just chatting away. Stop that negative self-talk!! Yes, this can absolutely happen.

“What the mind of man (or women) can conceive and believe, it can achieve”  ~ Napoleon Hill

But I hear you. Easier said than done. Easy? Not always. But something not being easy does not mean it can’t be done. And I’m here to give you a little push.

That’s why I decided to host the 3 Clients in 30 Days Challenge. I knew that there was certain tools and strategies in my toolbox that if I would share them would make a difference for others.

We all have a gift, a genius, that is true to us individually. Mine is to be a catalyst for others to show up and be fully self-expressed. In their full self-expressions comes the aha’s and breakthroughs needed to move to the next step…

For many of you, this next step is getting more clients.

Why join the challenge?

Well let’s have a look. Does this sound like YOU?

  • You have the skill and the passion yet getting clients seems to elude you
  • Cold calling prospective leads is excruciating, stressful, and just plain doesn’t work for you!
  • You’re tired of the feast-or-famine cycle of getting clients
  • You find it challenging figuring out how to stand out from the crowd
  • You’re trying EVERYTHING in hopes that something will stick and it’s leaving you exhausted and frustrated!
  • You fear you’re marketing to the “wrong” people

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Creating Your Marketing Campaign Power Tip [Video]

Creating a marketing campaign can be a stressful process. I mean let’s get real. There are so many moving parts to creating a marketing campaign, it’s no wonder people get stressed throughout the process … I’ve been a victim of this as well.

But I’ve learned a lot in the years I’ve been managing my business – offline and online – on how to put systems in place to reduce much of this stress and overwhelm. Is it 100%? No. But any time you’re stepping out and playing big in life and business, there’s going to be some level of stress. No way around that.

That being said, I’ve used (and still do) many tools to help me organize my life and business – Trello, Baydin, XMind, and Google Docs to name a few. But there’s nothing like good ‘ole pen and paper to get your thoughts organized.

In this video I share with you a powerful process I use in my business that creates the foundation to my Marketing Campaign. It’s super simple as well. I’m all about keeping things simple!

Basically, in organizing my Marketing Campaign, I put specific strategies in zones. Then I simply fill in the details for each zone. Watch below to see how this all comes together.

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5 Simple Steps to Creating a Teleseminar

Hosting teleseminars is a great way to share your expertise with others. But let’s not stop there! It has other benefits as well:

  • It can help you build your email list.

  • You can use this platform to promote your services and products.

  • It can instantly establish you as an industry expert.

  • It’s a great strategic tool in entering joint venture partnerships.

But let’s get into the meat and potatoes of how to create a teleseminar. It’s going to be so simple you’ll going to wonder how it ever seemed so complicated!

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Teleseminar

  1. Create a signature talk.

  2. Create a landing page where people can opt in to get call details.

  3. Reach out to your network to help support you in getting the word out.

  4. Create copy – emails, blog articles, social media updates, etc. – to promote your teleseminar.

  5. Start driving traffic to your landing page.

Okay, so it’s a bit more involved and there are many twists and turns with all the details involved in hosting a teleseminar. However, listed below are some questions you can answer prior to and during the launch of your teleseminar.

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How to Run Discovery Sessions and Convert Leads [Video]

Discovery sessions aka ‘Get Acquainted Calls’ aka sales calls are one of the most effective ways to connect with a prospective client in an intimate manner … if done correctly of course. There’s a simply formula to it and it’s this:


So, NO, it’s not always a straight line and maybe not always so simple. However the key is to get into the minds of your prospective client, truly listen to their pain points, and offer a solution that will best fit their needs. This assumes you are the right person to fill those shoes and I briefly explain in the video how you can pre-qualify your leads prior to jumping on a call with them.

What is covered in this video:

  • What’s the purpose of having Discovery Sessions and how it differs from coaching/consulting calls.
  • The Process on how to “get into the minds” of your prospective clients and secure a commitment.
  • One highly effect strategy you can do to prequalify your leads.

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50 Awesome Ideas on How to Market Your Business Online

How to market your business onlineHow do you market your business online you ask? Well just let me roll up my sleeves because there are literally TONS of ways to market your business online – and I’m going to dive into 50 of those bad boys. You can get my 101 Marketing Strategies Checklist if you opt into my e-Newsletter (plus a few other goodies 😉 ).

But I’m going to do more than just offer a checklist, I’m going to delve deeper into what’s involved. Hopefully you’ll learn a few new things that you didn’t expect. Happy Easter!

How to Market Your Business Online:

  1. Submit an eBook to eBook directories such as This is going to allow you to leverage your content. As an added tip, turn some of your blog posts in to an eBook.
  2. Host teleseminars and webinars. I have a confession to make. Prior to hosting teleseminars and webinars my list was growing, but it didn’t start growing exponentially until I started doing this. Tip: be sure to pick a hot topic!
  3. Speak on other peoples stages. YES! This is a technique to marketing your business online. When you speak on someone else page, they naturally want to learn more about you. Often they go online to do so.
  4. Creating an audio for people to listen to when they opt into your newsletter is great, but why not take it a step further and offer them a physical CD as well. Sure it’ll cost you a bit more, but at the end of the day you’ll get their mailing address. Now that is priceless!
  5. Video marketing is FAN-freakin-TASTIC! But it’s even better when they are optimized for search engines. 😉
  6. On that note, you know how you can add a comment to YouTube videos? How about you add your “comment” as a video comment? Great way to stand out from the crowd don’t you think?
  7. Answer peoples questions. You can do this in forums, message boards, Yahoo Answers, you name it.
  8. Create podcasts! Some of my favorite people like Michael Hyatt who speaks on Intentional Leadership have their own iTunes podcast shows and I don’t miss one (of course since I discovered his show). Get a following on your show and you’d be good to go!
  9. Be sure to add links in your tweets my tweetie. Adding value is great – directing them to a relevant page on your site? Even better.
  10. I’m on my knees praying that you have a Facebook Business Page. You do RIGHT?
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