How to optimize your virtual trainings

One of the things I wanted to share today is how do you optimize your virtual trainings? I’ve hosted many webinars, teleseminars, and other online training’s over the course of the years. ┬áIn hindsight, I realized that I had some that had had great turnouts and others not so good.

And I wondered what was the disconnect? Why was I getting good results on some and not others; given the fact that I was using the same strategies to promote those virtual trainings?

When I went back to analyze where the holes were, I realized that in those trainings that I had better results with, I was very specific with what I was going to be teaching; in comparison to the other trainings where I was a bit more general and vague.

For example, whether I was teaching about Facebook or Email Marketing, I noticed the more specific my trainings were, usually the higher the turnout. Of course this is not an exact science, but overall all it was pretty darn accurate.

The key takeaway is that if you are going to be hosting virtual trainings – which I think are still great way to promote your business – I would just be very mindful that it is very results driven and that they are walking away with some sort of key training they can implement. That is, you want them to walk away with a specific nugget of your expertise that they can take away and implement into their business and get results.

What kind of results have you had with virtual trainings? Share below!

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