Protecting Your Work from Decepticons [Video]

protecting-your-workYes, I understand using the word Decepticons is strange, but I think it’s a fairly polite way of referring to people whose sole purpose is to steal all your hard work and claim it as theirs – or give it to someone else to use! Let me explain further.

We all “borrow”, right? Most businesses are created following the model of other already successful businesses. It’s a rarity where you see something completely original. However, that being said, many of us have created a process, project, program, communication brief, etc., that is specific to our business and although other businesses may have inspired us, it’s our own creation nonetheless.

Let’s take my Communication Brief that I send to prospective and paid clients when conducting my Free Introductory Assessments. If you viewed it, it’s not an original piece of work. There are no new words, questions you haven’t heard before, or anything of that sort.

However, it’s created systematically to take you along a path that will allow you to see very clearly where you’re at in your business, where you want to go, and what’s missing. It’s taken me a long time to develop it to be so. I know those who fill out this form often have a transformation just by doing so.

I don’t want some ‘Decepticon’, not only wasting my time, but adding insult to injury by taking my material and using it for their own purposes.  Idea and material theft is a concern for many business owners, especially for Small Business Professionals. Often times we have to cough up reports, questionnairres and proposals way before even entertaining the possibility that this person will become a client of ours.

So how do we protect ourselves?

Unless you have something trademarked or a copyright on a written work, there’s only so much you can do. However, in the video below I share with you one technique I’ve learned that may help you to deter others from using your materials without permission.

Of course there are more thorough forms such as ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Disclaimers’, and such that you can add to your marketing materials, but what I share is a quick and simple process that can aid you in protecting many of your self-created business documents.

Like I said, it’s not a full-proof system. But hopefully it will deter others from “borrowing” your work. 😉

Here’s the confidentiality script mentioned in the video:

*** CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY PROPOSAL: This proposal is intended only for (recipient name). This proposal and its contents are the sole and exclusive property of [Your Business Name]. Sharing, copying, repurposing, or any use of these materials outside of a paying client relationship is an infringement on the rights of [Your Business Name] and is strictly prohibited.

What are you doing to protect your work? Leave a comment below!

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