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A Discourse on Truth and Courage

freedom-truthShakespeare once said “to thine own self be true.” This statement made me wonder how many of us spend most of our lives seeking our truth – on the quest to BE truth – yet never quite reaching that goal.

Isn’t that the ultimate quest after all?

When you think of all the artists, writers, philosophers, theologians, who have been on this search for truth … Just maybe that IS our ultimate purpose in life?

It’s in seeking our truth that we find ourselves – our true Self – our Greatness – our greatest Joy – our greatest Peace – our True Gifts.

But it’s a search nonetheless…

Here’s the irony. We attempt all our lives in this search, yet we continue to put up facades and pretenses.

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Creating a Bucket List for Your Business

my_bucket_listRecently I read an article created by Peggy of on The Beauty of a Dream.  Great article.  But what really stood out for me is like her I created my bucket list some time ago. Many of my dreams I’ve been able to accomplish and many I’m still working on.

Hmm … reminder: update bucket list.

But in the process of my new motivation to revisit my buck list and inject the power of dream back into my life, I realized something. My business is (and has been) a central part of my life – yet I do not have a bucket list for it.

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Want to know the Truth? Well here it is!

podcast-iconPersonally I think that one of the key elements that distinguishes the not successful, from the successful, to the extremely successful is in their ability to get to the core of their truth. In truth, I feel, there’s power.

When you know your TRUTH intimately, you can begin to manifest opportunities in your life much easier than when you don’t.

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Think of your untold truths as a woman behind a veil. Behind the veil you only see a part of a person. You don’t see her clearly. There’s a lack of definition to her eyes, her nose, her mouth. You see her through a filter. When the veil is unfolded you see her for all she is (and all that she’s not).

Her truth is revealed…

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Uncover, Discover, and Share Your Genius

Recently I stated that Clarity in Your Business is Simply a Choice. But before there’s clarity, there’s truth. Getting to the core of your genius. All that is needed is to uncover and discover.

…it’s about bringing your greatness forward and sharing it with the world

…it’s about tapping into your core source of inspiration, your truth.

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