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Creating a Bucket List for Your Business

my_bucket_listRecently I read an article created by Peggy of PositivelyPeggy.com on The Beauty of a Dream.  Great article.  But what really stood out for me is like her I created my bucket list some time ago. Many of my dreams I’ve been able to accomplish and many I’m still working on.

Hmm … reminder: update bucket list.

But in the process of my new motivation to revisit my buck list and inject the power of dream back into my life, I realized something. My business is (and has been) a central part of my life – yet I do not have a bucket list for it.

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7 Hot Blogs for Women Entrepreneurs

women-entrepreneursHey ladies! I’ve been perusing the net lately specifically looking for blogs that cater to us females. Some of these fab ladies I’ve know for some time – a couple of others are noteworthy newcomers to my world. And for you smart men reading up on this, take note. Want to know what interests women and what makes them tick? Check out these blogs as well.

Let’s face it. Blogs run by women have a different feel to them … a certain ‘je ne sais quo’ that is not prevalent in male dominated blogs.


I come up with a list of seven blogs that have I think you may enjoy.  These are blogs run by smart, sassy women with a mission and a message. What more could you ask for?

Let’s roll…

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The missing KEY element of the know, like, and trust factor is…

customer serviceYou’ve heard of the Know, Like, and Trust factor right? Great theory and one I implement in my own business for sure. But there’s seems to be a missing key element that is rarely talked about.

Why is that? Why do we not say what is so? Why do we sugar coat things with niceties but leave out the key elements that allow you to run a sustainable business?

In case you are waiting on hands and knees just DYING to know what that missing key element is and just can’t take the suspense any more (Too much? Yeah, too much.) its…

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Clarity in Your Business is Simply a Choice

clarityLet me tell you a little story. For a very long time in my life, will even say most of my life, I wore the ‘I don’t know’ phrase like it was a badge of honor. In one respect I kept on saying I ‘wanted to know’ and I was on the constant search for whatever IT was, but never managing to GET IT.


‘I don’t know’ has a purpose and its purpose is to keep you stuck; its purpose is to keep you from moving forward into the abyss of uncertainty because you fear uncertainty; yet life lives here.

‘I don’t know’ allows you to continue to play small, play it safe, and complain to others how things are not working. Harsh? You bet.

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Focus – One Of The Keys To Your Business Success

I pondered for a while at my desk thinking about what I wanted to write about for my first article; it’s kind of the benchmark of what’s to come as I continue forward. Yeah, lots of pressure … but pressure I can handle. I’ve always said put your best foot forward – doesn’t have to be perfect, but damn well better be good.

One of the key reasons why I started this new site (my other site is NewBizBlogger.com if you want to check it out) is that I’ve learned quite a bit throughout my journey as an internet entrepreneur and business coach. There always seemed to be this recurring theme that continued to come up over and over – for me and for all those I’ve worked with or came in contact with. And that was the theme of the three key elements missing in their business – Clarity, Focus, and Results.

It’s not coincidence these elements have led me to creating this site and my programs. It’s no coincidence as I was working with someone on creating my logo that these three simple, yet powerful words kept up popping into my mind. I don’t know if you are a spiritual person (I am), but at first it was just a whisper. Then it was a light knock at the door. Eventually it came to be a full on bang that I could no longer ignore. My path has taken me to here and now… and YES, it had finally become crystal clear to me!

Beautiful thing…

It’s also no coincidence as I was on YouTube watching a video unrelated to focus, that at the right hand side there sat a video with Tony Robbins titled – Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results. After watching it, he spoke on the exact thing that has occupied my mind for the last few months – focus!

Here’s the video (the video looks a bit crappy but the message is LOUD & CLEAR):

He discusses three pillars:

  1. Get focused and clear – where are you at now and where do you want to go
  2. Get the best (tools, maps, mentors, etc.)
  3. Resolve your inner conflicts (unlock and unleash)

Get focused and clear – check √

Get the best – still working on that 😉

Resolve your inner conflicts – work in progress, but boy am I rocking it !

How about you? Where are you at this point in your business? Are any of these pillars missing for you?