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7 Things That Sabotage Your Success – And How to Deal with Them

Business-developmentHave you ever looked at someone successful and wonder how they’re different than you? They seem to have everything they could ever want and you can’t seem to find your way out of a shallow hole with a flashlight, ladder and map?

The truth is that they likely didn’t get in the position they’re in overnight (although it may seem that way). In every success story, most people only see the end result but never question what it took for the person to reach the levels they were able to reach. You aren’t face to face with the work and effort it took to get them there, so it seems like it was effortless to them.

While most articles focus on what you should do to achieve success, this one focuses on the things that prevent a lot of people (maybe even you) from seeing their dreams come to pass. So, here are the seven things that will absolutely ensure that you don’t succeed, and what you can do to overcome them:

#1 Bad self-esteem or low self-worth

This one thing in and of itself will absolutely stop the greatness you contain from coming into reality. When you don’t believe that you’re good enough or smart enough to do something, it’s pretty hard to find the energy to determine whether you’re right or you’re wrong.

You need to realize that although you may have faults (who doesn’t?) you also have many, many strengths. Maybe you’re great at organizing things or perhaps you have wonderful compassion and empathy, making you a great people person.

Make a list of all the attributes you have that will assist you in your quest to reach your goals. Knowing your key strengths will help you use them when you need to and it will also remind you that you really do possess the capability to go to new levels.

#2 Negative thoughts or never moving beyond bad past experiences

We all have those moments in our past when we wish we had behaved or acted differently. We either did or did not do something we regret so we harbor bad thoughts about ourselves, often calling ourselves “stupid” or “foolish” or some other demeaning descriptor.

Or, maybe our distant past (such as when we were children) has taught us that bad things always happen and all we want to do is escape them. Either way, we feel like we’ve lost the fight even before it began.

Not only does holding on to the past serve no real purpose since you can’t go back and change it, it also stops you from moving forward. After all, how can you focus on today and tomorrow when you’re stuck in yesterday, right?

It’s time to let go of the chains that keep you bound to things you clearly can’t do anything about and let yourself move forward. If you screwed up, you screwed up. Just admit your mistake, learn from it and work towards making better decisions in the future.

If life wasn’t the greatest, then so be it. You can either continue to live in lack and disappointment or you can change it so you have all you’ve ever wanted…and more!

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Your Marketing Roadmap at Your Fingertips

Marketing CalendarI can say without a doubt that one of the decisions I’ve made that has had a MAJOR impact in my business and how I operate it, is in creating a Marketing Roadmap. I’ve always done marketing in my business (somewhat), but for the longest time it wasn’t consistent and quite honestly I didn’t give it all that much thought.

A tweet here, a FB update there, throw in a blog post once or twice a a week and there was my marketing plan.

Yeah, I know …

It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago while I was attending a conference that the idea of having a marketing calendar was brought to my attention. Let’s get straight. It’s NOT that I never heard of the term “marketing calendar” before and it was something completely new to me; I just hadn’t given it much thought – I didn’t see the value of it at the time.

I was literally flying by the seat of my pants …

Fast forward to today. Every year I now take a couple to several days to create my Marketing Roadmap. It’s has made all the difference in my business and I can assure you it will do the same for you.

Is it a perfect system? Probably not. Do I occassionally get off track? Sure, I’m only human for goodness sakes. But overall I DO stay on track with my marketing and my goals – and I am more consistent than ever.

Let’s get real here, shall we?

If you don’t know where you want to go, how do plan to get there?

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