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What we can learn from the Jason Russell and Kony 2012 Story

oprah-jason-russellI truly believe that all experiences in life are meant to teach us something. Although you may wonder what do experiences like the passing away of a loved one, going into financial ruin, divorce, or any other life changing and challenging event has to teach us, I think if you truly look at the experience with the intention of seeing the lesson, it will appear.

A couple of weeks ago I viewed the Jason Russell and Oprah interview. You can watch parts of it here. As I usually do when listening in on interviews, I make every effort to dig deep into the message.

Jason Russell’s story and what happened to him and his family after the explosive release of Kony 2012 is one of those experiences we can all learn from. Although thankfully most of us can’t relate to having a nervous breakdown – although with having kids I’ve come close (still love you babies 😉 ) – most of us know the feeling of not being in control of something and our frantic need to gain it back. We can relate to being misunderstood and misjudged by others who do not know us for who we truly are.

I don’t know Jason Russell, his family, or his friends. I am not here to judge him or applaud him; although I do applaud his efforts to realizing a dream and the impact that realization has had on the world at large on putting a light on the atrocities of what is happening in Uganda.

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