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A Consultants Dream Tool for Managing Schedules

Not so long ago I wrote an article — FINALLY Get a Handle on Your Gmail with Baydin — on how to … well, get a handle on your email of course! Lately I began to explore a few of the other tools this awesome company offers. I really needed a tool that would manage my calendar a bit better when it came to suggesting availability and meeting times.

Sure I’ve looked into such tools as Time Trade, Tungle.me, and Check Appointments – all great tools. But here is where they always fell short. My schedule is constantly changing. I’m always adding on new trainings, participating in joint ventures, and of course there always seem to be a last minute school event I need to attend for my kids.

Using something that I can easily integrate with my Google Calendar and that provides flexibility so I have more control on how I share my schedule is important to me. I felt the tools above involved a lot more work on my part to keep my schedule up-to-date ahead of time; as well as it was yet another tool I had to manage.

Plus I wanted to create a system that my virtual assistant could easily implement when interacting with my prospective leads, clients, and business associates. A tall order I know.

It wasn’t until recently that I found something that was super simple to use, integrated with all my Google Calendar, and didn’t cost me a monthly fee – although I don’t object to paying for services that support you in your business growth. 😉

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FINALLY Get a Handle On Your Gmail with Baydin! (Video)

I have a confession to make. I’m an email addict. There. I said it. I love AND hate email. Email allows me to not only run my business but it also allows me to tap into what others are up to. But email can be a huge time-suck! However, receiving email is not the problem per say — it’s the management of it.

If you don’t get a hold on your email it will get a hold on YOU.

This is not the first time I written about email overwhelm. I wrote about it over two years ago. You can check it out here if you like. But this it going to be a bit different. I’ve struggled with email overload for a long time … various methods to manage it effectively:

  • Creating email filters.
  • Allocating dedicated times to email.
  • Unsubscribing to newsletters.
  • Etc, etc.

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7 Rules to Growing a Rockin’ Business in 2013

You rock!I’m always looking to see how I can grow my business, where do I still need to grow, and what do I need to do to fill that gap. Growing your business takes times, the willingness to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work, and LOTS of course correcting.

I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to grow a business. I’ve made many mistakes and have had MANY failures along the way, but here’s the cool thing – I was determined to learn from them! With every new little lesson, changes were made – systems where changed, ideologies updated, powerful new beliefs put into place.

Here are the 7 top rules I’ve learned this past year in growing my business powerfully. These are rules that have made ALL the difference in me being able to move my business forward and I have no doubt it will catapult my success in the years to come.

7 Rules to Growing your Business Powerfully:

  1. Get support! This is a lesson that took me a long while to get. Like most entrepreneurs, I suffer from the “Lone Ranger” mentality. But switching my conversation from ‘doing it all by myself’ to ‘who can support me in my business growth’, has had a dramatic effect in my business (and sanity!).
  2. Don’t make everything a sense of urgency. Your Facebook timeline cover doesn’t have to be changed RIGHT NOW. Schedule low priority tasks at appropriate times throughout your week and get clear on your true priorities.
  3. Put systems in place. I have a system for EVERYTHING – using social media, marketing strategies, email scripts, even down to my weekly family menu. I know that last one sounds silly, but I realized that having to think each and every day, three times a day, seven days a week, what to cook for me and my family was exhausting. Now I plan for the whole week at once. It’s a such a huge time saver and relief!
  4. Follow the two minute rule. If it can be done in two minutes, do it. If not, delete it, delegate it, or reschedule it for a more appropriate time.
  5. Get some skin in the game. Money talks baby! You’re more likely to value and follow-through on the things you pay for. Free is great – but only to an extent.
  6. Get uncomfortable and “burn the boats.”   Sorry to break the news, but if you’re comfortable, you’re playing it safe. Which means your business is stagnant. Being uncomfortable is a good sign that you are on track and moving your business forward.
  7. Don’t be afraid to rock that boat... Ho… yeah… put your hands up! We’ve always been taught not to rock the boat, but when it comes to business a little rocking it good. Be willing to bend the rules and question your “learned” values – they just may be holding you back.

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Information Overload and How it’s Killing Your Business

Information overload is a bitch! It’s something that is easy to detect and damn hard to manage. Just as with television, radio, and video games, you can can easily get addicted to information on the internet. Ever heard the quote?

… if you don’t control it, it will control you!

Well yup, that’s a good way of looking at it. But the question often is, how do you control information overload when it has you wrapped up in it’s thralls? Sometimes you’re so in it, you don’t even realize it… or even worse, you know you’re in it and can’t seem to get out. You’re like a hungry tiger on the constant search for more food and there never seems to be enough.

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