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How to ask for the Sale (and what NOT to do)

Sales… yuck! I hear you. I’ve always been a natural born networker, but add sales to the process and I would get the heebie-jeebies. I seriously despised sales. My last J-O-B (prior to starting my own business) involved sales and it felt like a living nightmare! I often felt, if they want what I have to sell, they’ll just ask for it!

… nothing could of been further from the truth.

Having your own business really gets you present to the importance (and necessity) of sales. You don’t sell, you have NO business … simple as that.

But I couldn’t shake the icky feeling I got when I was put in a position where I was “forced” to ask the sale – as if someone was putting a gun to my head. 😉 I had to think long and hard on what were my beliefs about sales. Why was I so put off by the process? I knew if I didn’t get my shit together and figure this out, might as well kiss my business goodbye.

sleazy-salesmanGrowing up, when I thought of sales people, I thought of greasy-haired, yellow-teethed car salesmen (no offensive if you are reading this and happen to be greasy-haired, yellow-toothed, car salesmen).  But seriously, it was not my fault. These where the images I was presented with growing up – TV, movies, commercial ads. It’s no wonder I was pre-programmed to get the ickies when I thought of sales.

… thankfully I’ve grown up a bit since then.

Bottom line – after much reflection and changing my perspective on what sales really is, I realized that sales is not something you do TO someone, but rather FOR someone. Hmm…

According to Wikipedia.com to sell means:

To agree to transfer goods or provide services in exchange for money.

… a simple definition for a simple process.

The Wikipedia definition doesn’t mention sleazeball tactics; it doesn’t mention “forcing” someone to buy something they don’t really want or need. It’s just simply an exchange of services or goods for money. You have something to offer and the recipient either wants to buy it or not.

So now that we got that out of the way and we’ve concluded that sales it actually a rather simple process at a fundamental level, how then can we ask for the sale?

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The missing KEY element of the know, like, and trust factor is…

customer serviceYou’ve heard of the Know, Like, and Trust factor right? Great theory and one I implement in my own business for sure. But there’s seems to be a missing key element that is rarely talked about.

Why is that? Why do we not say what is so? Why do we sugar coat things with niceties but leave out the key elements that allow you to run a sustainable business?

In case you are waiting on hands and knees just DYING to know what that missing key element is and just can’t take the suspense any more (Too much? Yeah, too much.) its…

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