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How Bad Do You Want It?

hopeI had a conversation with someone the other day. She was struggling in some area of her business … like many of us of course. And what I kept hearing was the one word that quite frankly I think should be taken out of the English language, and that is the word “because.”

“I can’t do this because …”

“I can’t move forward because …”

“I can’t make it to networking meetings because …”

“I can’t buy that program because … “

“I can’t travel because …”

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there must be some times when that word is valid to use — although I can’t think of any at the moment. But I think that we generally use it too often.

Why do we use the word “because” so often?

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Want to know the Truth? Well here it is!

podcast-iconPersonally I think that one of the key elements that distinguishes the not successful, from the successful, to the extremely successful is in their ability to get to the core of their truth. In truth, I feel, there’s power.

When you know your TRUTH intimately, you can begin to manifest opportunities in your life much easier than when you don’t.

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Think of your untold truths as a woman behind a veil. Behind the veil you only see a part of a person. You don’t see her clearly. There’s a lack of definition to her eyes, her nose, her mouth. You see her through a filter. When the veil is unfolded you see her for all she is (and all that she’s not).

Her truth is revealed…

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