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Women’s Empowerment At Its Best

I love women. Don’t get me wrong I love men too. 😉  But something about getting like-minded women together — networking, sharing, being a stand for each other’s greatness — is so inspiring.

I’m currently an active member in several groups that either consist of all women or are women dominated and there’s nothing like it. We’re just fierce creatures who are committed to not only growing our business but truly being of service to others.

I think it’s just in our genetic makeup…

It’s no wonder when my friend and co-conspirator to changing the world one woman at a time, asked me to become an Ambassador to her business, 7 Pretty Women, that I said a resounding, YES!

What inspired me quite frankly after having an hour conversation on the phone with her (Which I initially intended to be 10 minutes!), was we shared the same mission … And that is to educate and inspire women around the world to live their best life.

It was clear to me she was up to something big and I wanted to be a part of it. Partly to support her. But also partly because I knew that by just the mere act of engrossing myself amongst this community, that I would be empowered and pulled up to new heights in my life and business.

So. How can you be a part of this community of amazing, like-minded individuals? Simple. Come and join us on October 3rd in New York for the S.M.A.R.T. Women: The Ultimate Business Empowerment Conference.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Using social media to gain attention
  • How to pitch the media
  • PR Do’s and Don’ts
  • Power tips to increase online visibility
  • Website best practices
  • What online marketing can do for your business
  • How to get the edge in your life and business
  • And more!

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Focus on Faith, Not Fear

Once upon a time there lived a young lady named Jessie. She grew up, by all means, living what she thought to be a “normal” life. Hardships occasionally crossed her path but for the most part her life was pretty uneventful.

She was a “good” girl (as good girls go) and she played by the rules; the rules her parents, teachers, and other “authority” figures made for her.

Jessie grew up thinking life happens and you just have to deal with what comes. Sure she had dreams and semi-plans that seemed to changed regularly as circumstances in her life changed. Hmm…

She took what was told to her in good faith. Why wouldn’t she? Adults knew better then her right?

Jessie grew up into a young independent woman, in search for her hearts’ desire. Yet what continued to come up was conformity – settling for a job that paid well yet didn’t fulfill her, setting for relationships that came her way, settling for living a life that was less than what she wanted just because that was the luck of the draw.

One day Jessie had a thought, “There must be a better way?” How is it that she had so many hopes, dreams, and desires, and what continued to show up in her life was disillusionment, heart breaks, and resignation.

She was doing the work … “Paying her dues.” Or so she thought …

See what Jessie had all her life did was confuse “doing the work” with success. She thought if she worked hard enough success as she imagined it with naturally follow. Fair enough right?

Here was the breakdown. Jessie beliefs and how things should show up in her life was run by fear not faith.  She focused on those things in her life that were “comfortable” for her. She didn’t stretch all that much – and only to a point. There was a line she would not pass.

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