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How You Can Benefit from Facebook Embedded Posts

Recently Facebook announced it’s new feature – Facebook embedded posts. You can read more about it on a recent AllFacebook post, Facebook Begins Rollout of Embedded Posts.

In a nutshell, you can now grab the code from a post and place it on another platform, such as your blog, for people to Like and Follow. So cool!

Note: If you do not have this feature available yet, be patient. In keeping with Facebook’s MO, they will be rolling out this feature over a course of time.  But once you get this new feature available, just visit the Facebook’s Developers Blog for instructions.

And in keeping with my MO, my first thought is how can I use this to expand my business. I don’t need another toy to play with – but networking and lead-generation building strategies I’ll take any day!

Here is what I find to be very exciting –

When embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content. People can also like and share the post directly from the embed.

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Custom Scheduling via Buffer Available for Social Media

One of my pet peeves (And yes, I have a few!) has always been that it was a pain to share Facebook updates from my newsfeed at a scheduled time. Buffer has allowed you to schedule sharing these updates for some time, however it was based on pre-selected time slots. I often worried that I may be spamming my followers and it was a nuisance to take the time to check what I had scheduled already to be shared… especially since I use multiple applications to schedule social media updates.

I would on occasion use my Hootlet app from Hootsuite to schedule these updates, but unlike Buffer, it doesn’t pull all the content from the update … yet again adding more steps to the process.


It was shame because many of my friends I consider to be business associates and they often share some juicy content. But in the interest of NOT spamming my followers, especially on my Facebook Business page, I often chose not to share these updates. Or I would try to make a mental note to come back and share it later, but you can probably guess how that went.

Anyway …

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5 Facebook Marketing Tips You May Have Missed

I think we can all agree that Facebook changes more often than most small business owners and entrepreneurs care to see happen. But there is one thing for sure. There are a few standard Facebook Marketing standards that believe it or not many people still miss.

… And better yet, they are simple and quick fixes that you can implement right away!

Below are illustrated explanations of 5 Facebook Marketing tips you may have missed. Okay, I confess. One tip is a newly added feature to Facebook; but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Turning on Facebook Notifications Settings

Hopefully this is a no-brainer, but having your Facebook notification settings enabled can be a very effective tool to continue to build and engage with your followers. Of course, if your business grows to EPIC proportions, this may be something you’d consider disabling — quite frankly it would be too much to take on. However, for most of us that is not the case and getting messages and notifications on a regular basis is completely manageable.

To activate, simple HOVER over the ‘Liked’ button, scroll down to ‘Get Notifications’ and click to enable if not done so already.

Facebook Notifications


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Twitter Event: Ready to Tweet n’ Mingle?

Twitter gameTwitter is one of those social networks where people either love it, hate it, or just don’t understand it. This is not the first time admitting this, but I didn’t “get” Twitter when I started my first online business back in 2008. It just didn’t make sense to me.

It wasn’t until I transitioned to online marketing consulting that I figured I better at least learn what all the fuss is about. I have to admit, once I got over my fear (and confusion) on how (and WHY) to use Twitter, I was hooked!

… and you better be careful because you really can get hooked on it.

One of my first Twitter events was my “Tweet-it-Forward” challenge, where participants were to visit each other’s blogs and tweet it forward. It was a blast. And best of all I met so many new and amazing people; most whom I’m still virtual friends with today.

This got me thinking. What can I do this time around that would give people the chance to dive into Twitter head on, learn the ropes quickly, meet lots of cool people, AND have fun at the same time?

My only thought – Tweet n’ Mingle.

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Facebook News Feed: Top 10 Posts This Week!

Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed Gets a Facelift!

Facebook News Feed get’s a facelift … Well actually more of a redesign. Have you heard? On the heels of Facebook Graph Search, Facebook is at it again; this time promising a richer and more fulfilling experience for its users.

My thoughts? As an individual user, I think the new redesign to Facebook’s news feed is going to be much more exciting and fun to use, no doubt. Bigger pictures, bigger videos …. Just bigger! As a small business owner? I have my slight reservations.

Gone are the days it seems of trying to increase engagement with the measly 16% (on average) of users that see your Facebook business page updates. Gone are the days that just a quote (Yup. Guilty.) and questions (Uh. Yeah!) will be enough. Now it’s about taking creativity to a WHOLE new level.

What does that look like? I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I’ll be sure to get back to you when I do. But if you have any thoughts on this PLEASE do share!

What brought on this redesign? According to Facebook, out of hundreds of thousands of surveys sent to Facebook users, the number one request to improve user-experience?


Okay without further ado…

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Using Facebook Calendar of Events to Build Your Relationships

facebook marketingA few days ago I wrote about joint ventures and how pairing up with other entrepreneurs and small business owners can elevate your business success exponentially. This week I take it a step further by speaking about the precursor to those joint ventures – and that is building relationships.

Facebook marketing has many advantages to helping you to grow your business; and their are multiple ways for you to build and grow your relationships  using this platform. However in this video I share with you two quick tips on how to use Facebook’s Calendar of Events feature as one such method.

We all know (or hopefully we do) that relationship building is one of the most powerful ways for you to get the word out about your business as well as a way to get referrals from your network of friends and colleagues.

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Creating a Custom Facebook App with NO Technical Knowledge

A week ago I created a video on How to Create a Facebook Ad on a Budget. Within this training I mentioned how you can direct people to a custom Facebook application that you’ve created. Since then I’ve received a few emails asking,  “where on Facebook do I select the custom app option?” Well it’s not that simple. It’s not something you select, but rather need to create.

Facebook has yet to make it quite that simple so you can just click a button an ‘poof’ – a custom app magically appears. Seriously you’d think they thought this out a bit better. 😉

However I’m going to show you TWO simple ways to create an app with no technical knowledge necessary. OK, well maybe just a teeny bit. But I promise it’s going to be super simple because that’s how I roll.

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Creating a Targeted Facebook Ad on a Budget

Facebook Ads TrainingYou don’t have to break the bank creating Facebook Ads and it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. All is needed is the understanding of how to create one, persistence to evaluate your results and most of all, have patience.

I’m not an expert when it comes to creating Facebook Ads, but I have been running them for a while in my business and slowly over time beginning to evaluate my “sweet spot” with what has worked and what has not worked in my business concerning Facebook Ads.

The key thing to remember here is to evaluate your results regularly and adjust accordingly. If you are setting up Facebook Ads with no rhyme or reason you are just throwing money down the virtual drain.

Also, another key tip: If you are not active on Facebook, DO NOT use this form of marketing. There’s really is no point in spending money getting people to Like your page if you have no intention in engaging them and the commitment it takes in building a relationship with your page followers.

Common sense right?

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Create an Awesome Facebook Image Post in Less than 5 Minutes [Video]

Facebook Image PostCreating an image post for Facebook can be a powerful way to get your message across visually. With Pinterest killing it in 2012, according to the Nielsen Social Media Report 2012, it’s clear to see that visual presentations are having a huge image in determining what social media users are viewing.

So it’s in your best interest not only to incorporate more images into your marketing, but also to make sure you are sharing quality images. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do so is to add text to image.

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Social Media and ROI Debate Continues…

Gary Vaynerchuk was once asked the question, how do you measure the ROI on social media? His answer? Check out the video below created early 2011.

It’s clear that his view leaned towards the return on relationships rather than the return on investment when it came to using social media; if you continue to develop the relationship with your customers and prospective clients, the ROI will eventually become evident.

Even though this was recorded nearly two years ago, my guess is that his views haven’t changed much. Also it’s interesting to see that although he expressed the importance of relationship marketing he insinuated that the the ability to measure the ROI of social media was “coming”.

Hmm … did he know something we didn’t? He has an uncanny way of predicting the future.

Is this still the case today? Can we now measure the ROI of social media?

social-media-debateWell let’s have a look…

Recently Forbes recently published an article on 3 Reasons Why There’s No Measuring ROI on Social Media, where guest author Lux Narayan state:

How to measure ROI on social media has become a common question. There’s a hope that the ever- evasive ROI formula will finally be revealed in a flash of blinding light, paving the way for continued investments into social media.  Keep dreaming.

I guess we can imagine his take on the ROI of Social Media. However, he does offer “alternative ways of thinking around the ROI box…” which is very interesting, so you should check it out.

Yet we see applications such as Argyle Social who make promises that their software can measure Social ROI. In their white paper report they go on to say:

If you’re blindly tracking your social media marketing efforts in Google Analytics, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Bold statement for sure; however, in the case of most small business owners and entrepreneurs, they are probably right about this.

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