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Tackle Your To-Be List – Not Your To-Do List

Where do I start? I just got off the phone with someone who went on and on about all the things she had to DO! By the end of it, my head was spinning and I was rummaging through my cabinets searching for the bottle of Jack Daniels.

I get it. Really! I often fall into my automatic way of being and thinking that it all lies on how fast I can tackle my to-do list. The end result is exhaustion and feeling like little was accomplished.

Why is that you say? Because your to-do list does not contain the things that fill your Spirit with fulfillment. It’s just the way your mind thinks that in order to get to point B you have to perform tasks x,y, and z.

And let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong  with having a to-do list. It’s just that we focus so much of our time and energy on working off our to-do list that we forget our to-Be list.

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