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Client Path

In the book, The Consulting Bible by Alan Weiss, PhD, he stated:

Think of the fourth sale first. A client is never an event, but part of a relationship that endures as long as you provide value and volition.”

The minute I read this I immediately wrote it down and was determined to commit it to memory. And I was better for doing so as it has shaped how I run my business.

Now if only I had read this when I first started my business four years ago … :-(

You see when I first started my business way back when, I was focused solely on “the sale.” You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with that? Well nothing per say; unless you’re looking for that one time sale and not considering customer retention and repeat business as part of your business model!

If you are, boy are you in for a struggle!

Your focus should always be on “how can I continue to offer more value to the client over and over?” You can only do this by offering the client the opportunity to go deeper with you with what you offer.

Did you know that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers? These are people who will continue to buy from you as long as you can continue to offer new and improved products and services. They will also be the true loyal fans that will act as your unpaid sales force sharing how great you are with their friends and family – but that’s another discussion.

But you can only take advantage of that statistic if you are willing to create a client path. Let’s first define what I mean by client path.

The Client Path is the order in which you take a person through so they can continue to experience and benefit from a specific set of results.

Huh? No worries. I’ll get into this further.

Going back to the quote, “Think of the fourth sale first,” what would that fourth sale look like? The key here is to start at the end and work backwards. Simple, right?

I’m going to use an example from my own business and share with you how I would take someone through a Client Path.

I offer a wide range of services, from coaching to done-for-you services. Therefore a client path for someone who wants coaching is going to be different from those who want DFU services.

So the first step is…

Find out what your target audience wants and what are their pain points!

Once you’ve established your target clients’ wants and pain points, you can then begin to develop a client path for them… starting with the end promised outcome in mind.

The next step is to…

Structure your client path based on your preferred business model

In my case, by preferred business model is as follows:

Low ticket product or program
(such as an eBook or Webinar training)

Mid-level program
(such as a 1 day Workshop or Home Study Course)

Higher ticket program
(such as a 3 day Workshop or Coaching Club)

Premium ticket program
(Mastermind, One-on-One Coaching or VIP Day)

As you can see as the client gets more access to me and more personal attention, the higher the price point. Your business model may be different, but the concept is the same.

Therefore starting with the “fourth sale”, when I create my products and programs, I consider what is it I can create that ends with 1:1 coaching, VIP days or a client enrolling into a Mastermind program. That is, what is it I can offer that for the client to truly “master” this skill set or ideology, they ultimately will need more individual attention and/or the leverage the power a Mastermind group offers.  See where I’m headed here?

Action Plan:

  1. Survey your email subscribers and social network following and see what it is they want and what are their pain points.
  2. Create a client path based on their wants and pain points.
  3. Create your Signature Program that takes clients through this path over and over so you are not reinventing the wheel.
  4. Begin to choose price points for each path. Don’t worry about getting it “right” just yet. Just begin to craft a structure that makes sense.
  5. Refine and course correct as you are working clients through this path.

Your turn! Do you currently have a Client Path that you take your clients through? If so, please share it below. If not, feel free to brainstorm your ideas below and maybe I can help you!

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