Marketing Deconstruction Sessions

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In one of my Signature Services, the Marketing Deconstruction Session, we concentrate on breaking down your current marketing strategies, evaluating where are the holes, and building it back up with the intention of creating a solid foundation; allowing you to move forward in business quicker and with much more clarity, focus, and ease.

We’ll get clear on where you’re at currently and where you like to go – and discover the gaps in between. Based on our evaluation we’ll create a strategic plan on how to close those gaps.

In our 2 HOUR DAY INTENSIVE SESSION, we will cover all the issues that are currently stopping you from taking your business to the next level. We will get you clear and focused on what’s missing that if where there would make a difference for you in your business. This may be one (of many) of the following:

  • Lack of clarity in your unique selling proposition / what makes you stand out
  • How to focus your efforts so you are spending 80% of your time on the “right” tasks
  • Who are your “true” prospects and your ideal client/customer
  • What systems to use to allow for productivity
  • How to effectively use online marketing to expand your reach
  • Taking the mystery out of marketing
  • How to sell your products and services that are aligned with your values and company’s mission

I also offer ‘Create Your Own VIP Session’: We cover a specific area of focus or work on how to achieve a desired result in your business based on your needs.

Other areas areas we can cover:

Facebook Marketing – We go deep into how to create an effective Facebook business page and use marketing tactics such as Facebook Ads, promoted posts, and engagement strategies to increase brand awareness and collect quality leads.

Twitter Marketing: We cover various strategies on how to use Twitter to generate leads, connect with potential partners, and increase brand exposure.

LinkedIn Marketing: We cover how to best optimize your LinkedIn profile as well how we can generate leads, increase brand exposure, and find potential partners.

Website Audit & Optimization: Here we take a very close look at your website and see where the “holes” are where you may be missing some key opportunities. Some areas may include review of your copy, page placement, and evaluating lead generating tools.

YouTube Marketing: We cover such areas on how to best optimize your videos for increased exposure and how to use video to draw people to your website.

Create Your Marketing Calendar: Here we cover soup-to-nuts on creating a marketing calendar and plan for the year. By the end of this session, you’ll leave with having completed your marketing calendar and clear, well thought-out marketing strategies. (Signature VIP Day)

Here are some details:

  1. Sessions are held via conference line, or in person.
  2. Sessions include a business/website evaluation beforehand and a 30 minute follow-up session.***
  3. Under special circumstances, the session can be broken down into two-one hour sessions.

The best way I can express the difference these types of sessions has had for my clients is to share their own words:

I think every time I talk to you, meet with you, I learn so much … I can go to that next step. Brenda Singh,

I was not having any luck with my website and did not know what to do to update my site. Thank you for allowing me to save money, teach me how to optimize my site and to help me get the whole thing up and running! For someone like me, this is quite a chore but you made it so easy! Shawn Rohde,

Her work ethic and work product exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her services. I know she will be successful at having a thriving business because she truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them succeed. Elizabeth Natal, M.D.,

Michele is very knowledgeable and able in both web design and programming. The overall project was very smooth and every “outside of the box” request I made was easily completed and on target. I felt like I was in good hands at every step… From the moment I was introduced to Michele and all the way through to project completion – Michele’s style was 100% consultative. Prior to even knowing whether or not I was going to utilize her services, Michele spent approximately two weeks getting to know my business, educating me on different technologies while discussing all of my options. Michele didn’t try to quickly “sell” me – she systematically “showed” me. Mike Kroboth,

Working with Michele Welch at Package Your Genius has been a great experience. Her patience, her intuition, inspiration and dedication to a business not her own impressed me on many levels. She took the time to actively listen, making significant efforts to understand my goals for Ceilsway. She helped us to improve our website, and worked tirelessly on our marketing plan to reach post operative patients, seniors and expectant mothers. Michele is passionate, dedicated and continuously gives back to others. Since working with Michele, my business, Ceilsway Care Companions, has received three times the usual amount of leads and new business. Doreen Roland,

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Please schedule a complimentary 20 minute strategy session or call 516-537-8350 to inquire about our services.

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