What’s in a name? Are you making this BIG mistake?

In today’s Marketing & Mindset Video Tip I speak about the importance of your name. I think we can all agree that using someone’s name is very important.

Whether meeting someone for the first time or speaking with someone we know well, using their name has always been a great way to make an immediate connection and create a level of intimacy with them.

Yet, I always find it surprising how often we forget to share our own names! I see it all the time. I’ll go to someone’s About page on their website or their social networks and their name is nowhere to be found. Crazy, I know!

I have to get all Magnum PI in trying to figure out how to address them and even then that is an often fruitless pursuit.  Until of course, I have to come right out and ask them – that is, if I haven’t just given up by then.

Check out the video below to here my take on the matter… 

Video Overview:

Action Plan:

  • Your task is to go through all your marketing materials – About page, social networks, etc. – and make sure that your name is visible on all, or at the very least most, of them.
  • If your name is “challenging” to pronounce, consider including phonetics. Michelle Villalobos does a great job with this! Check out her header. 😉
  • Make it a priority to learn people’s names and use it regularly when in conversation with them.

So tell me … honestly. Are you making this mistake? Or have done so in the past? Share below!


  1. Great tip, Michele :)

    Well, I don’t have a name…I have a video with my name (although I think the video is too formal…and the sound is too low).

    So, I have to rerecord and reedit it…hopefully soon; I already have a lot of things on my list. So, this might take a while.

    When meeting people, I do introduce myself…and of course ask others about their name and so forth (Unfortunately, I am not that good at remembering names…I do get by).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Michele :)

    1. Personally I think the video is great! And the sound is fine. And LOVE your message – Dare to be Different!

      Keep rocking it Jeevan. 😉


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